Federal Trade Commission Audit Cleared Facebook's Privacy Policies In 2017

In his testimony, Zuckerberg said Facebook planned to extend the protections of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to all users, not just those in Europe where the regulations are required.

On Tuesday, Brittany Kaiser appeared before the United Kingdom parliament to give evidence on her former employer, data firm Cambridge Analytica.

As a whole, Americans are more tolerant of hate speech than others in the world; however, this does not, and should not, permit Facebook to turn a blind eye to the copious amounts of hate speech the Black community, and other vulnerable communities experience on Facebook. Some banks offer online resources to help customers understand how their data is being secured - but these resources are rarely displayed prominently where customers are likely to find them.

"Facebook needs to show more openness and transparency when dealing with user data", Nadine Schoen, deputy leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc in the lower house, told the news outlet. Facebook first discovered that the "thisisyourdigitallife" app's developer sold the millions of users' info it harvested - a violation of the website's terms - to Cambridge Analytica in late 2015.

The Facebook officials appeared before a House of Commons committee on privacy and ethics in the wake of an global scandal caused by Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling firm that used data from Facebook users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress last week as angry lawmakers sought answers about why the social media giant failed to protect its users' data. Here, they're backed by Facebook's promise.

On Wednesday, Facebook will report its Q1 earnings, and the data it is obliged to reveal - and investors' questions in the following conference call - may soon shed more light on what, if any, impact the Cambridge Analytica scandal has had on Facebook's bottom line. Kogan says he's been scapegoated by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. For a typical firm, Kaiser said, the largest budget is set for purchasing raw data from consumer-facing platforms like Facebook; then, the firm would acquire more specific information about its target audience through surveys and games (like Cambridge Analytica's personality tests). As of December, Facebook had 239 million users in the United States and Canada, 370 million in Europe and 1.52 billion elsewhere.

In the USA, since there is no comparable GDPR law, Facebook is going to give teens the option not to be served ads based on their interests, but it won't ask for parental consent.

The document explicitly stated that PwC believed that the social media platform was compliant with all of its responsibilities, prompting concerns surrounding the effectiveness of the FTC's measures, as well as the thoroughness of external audits.

The notification also has a link to other apps that users have shared information with when they log into Facebook. "I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here".

  • Leroy Wright