U.S. blames Syria for delaying inspectors By

A United Nations security team was sacked at on Tuesday while on a reconnaissance mission in the Syrian town of ahead of the deployment of experts investigating an alleged chemical attack, a United Nations official said.

The rebel group based in Douma announced its surrender hours after the suspected chemical attack, and the last rebels left a week later, hours after the Western retaliation strikes. Live state television footage of the area showed a plume of smoke billowing across one district as guns boomed in the distance.

"The information operations forces have been established, that are expected to be a far more effective tool than all we used before for counter-propaganda purposes", he's reported to have told the lower house. The stemming of chemical weapon use is something that the President has said is vital to the National Security of the US.

But near the end last week, the evidence showed that Assad was clearly behind the terrible gas attacks, and by Sunday morning Trump decided the Syrian regime needed to be hit and hit hard.

Washington, London and Paris claimed the strikes to be a response to the alleged chemical weapons attack.

So what if on January 4, 2016, the OPCW officially verified Syria was clean of chemical weapons?

"They are hard for us, but will do more damage to the U.S. and Europe", RIA news agency quoted Serebrennikov as saying.

The state SANA news agency says the Army of Islam fighters and their families are leaving the town of Dumayr on Thursday.

It is now unclear if or when the inspecters will go in. There, they were filmed being doused in water and given other simulated medical treatment. The Douma attack underscores this fear.

When asked if she was concerned Russian Federation had tampered with evidence of the attack which is believed to have killed 75, Ms Pierce said: "It has to be a possibility".

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday, Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said the evidence was at risk of being tampered with as the delays dragged on.

Pierce said it's "very important" that the World Health Organisation, a United Nations body, "has found at least 500 cases of people reporting the symptoms of a toxic gas attack".

"It's absolute misinformation and a cover-up", said Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, an adviser to the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations, of the Russian denials. Let me analyse few of them.

It will be premature to say whether these attacks will be able to avoid chemical weapons or will push the region in much more unstable situation.

Online activity by Russian bots, trolls and automated accounts has increased by 4,000% in the days and weeks following the Salisbury poisoning and suspected chemical attack in Syria.

If it did use them last week, it has already stopped.

They specifically chose targets that would "mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved", and the Syrians obviously had time to get their people out of likely targets, too.

He added that while the United States could not know with certainty, there was no evidence that any chemicals had escaped into the air after the strike. The Assad government denied at first that any incident had taken place.

  • Leroy Wright