Is "God Of War" Really An Escort Mission?

However, if you are not careful they can overwhelm you, especially, when grouped with higher level enemies. Kratos is seen directing the Artreus to lead in the war and survive.

No longer wielding his signature double-chained blades, Kratos instead brandishes a magical battle axe that can be juiced with elemental abilities and chucked at enemies.

Like many games in recent years, a Photo Mode has been added to allow fans to capture the most lovely, or the most brutal, moments in-game. Your axe also has a freeze effect, which can be used to immobilize an enemy. From that point, each button press only results in a single arrow, making him a far more versatile companion who only grows stronger from there. The first two phases will be a complete fist fight where you won't be able to use the Axe for Kratos.

In terms of the gameplay, there are more of the RPG elements previously seen in the franchise.

He goes on to thank his team and the people who believed in him "when I didn't".

The fast travel system is useful, but not fully accessible until later in the game, and honestly, sometimes it really is just faster to row that boat.

For every enemy that you take down and quests that you complete, Kratos will earn experience points.

There are quite a few different versions of God of War, each of which offers their own additional content or physical items. Along with spending experience to unlock new skills, you can buy and upgrade armor from shops littered around the world.

The problem, both for the fans and presumably the developers, was where to go with the series. The game cuts to first person, so you get an up-close-and-personal look at Zeus as you punish him. This means that gathering money and locating chests is extremely important to purchase new gear. After all, this was an era where the worst-case scenario was an NPC escort who made the game significantly less fun, and the best-case scenario was an NPC escort who didn't actively impede the player's progress.

Yet, the overall added depth is very welcome. In future video games of Sony, a figure like Artreus is more likely expected. Without further delay enjoy Part 1 of our God of War walkthrough series. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve but presents itself as the best God of War we've ever experienced. Historically, the statue was destroyed in an natural disaster in the 226 B.C., but screw that, we all know that Kratos was the one that killed it. If you feel like too many foes are coming at you at once, command Atreus to fire off some arrows to steal their attention.

For those looking for lore and context to their adventure, an easily accessible codex covers near every myth and creature encountered, such as the Stone Ancients, Nightmares (large floating eyeballs), Reavers (think White Walkers from "Game of Thrones"), Revenants (female floating witches) Tatzelwurm (burrowing lizard cats), and assorted ogres and trolls.

God of War's music is wonderful with low and high-register choir coming in to complement what's going on at the screen.

  • Carolyn Briggs