Local students plan to demonstrate Friday for National School Walkout

Students at thousands of schools across the nation including Bedford North Lawrence are planning to stage walkouts Friday to mark the 19th year since the Columbine High School massacre - one of the deadliest high school shootings in our history.

On Feb. 14, 17 people were killed and 17 more were wounded during a shooting at Parkland by a former student. Students said they plan to peacefully walk out of school on Friday at 10:00 a.m., then gather in the park for a rally.

Kern High School District officials said BHS administrators got information that a student had a gun in their auto.

Rain or shine, hundreds Ridgefield High School students will spend next Friday outside in protest against gun violence. The last walkout was more of a memorial.

Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson organized the forum, which focused on prevention of school violence, intervention and school safety and security.

The fears differ by gender as well: 64 percent of girls say they are very or somewhat anxious about a shooting happening at their school, compared with 51 percent of boys.

If not, the district says the student's absence will be counted as an unexcused absence. Columbine High does not hold classes on the anniversary of the 1999 shooting, a practice that began the year after the assault, in which two teens killed 13 people before taking their own lives.

"I wanted to make sure that we could do this in a safe way and that we would not get in trouble", Sarah Young, a student at Hoover, wrote in response to emailed questions.

"I hope that it doesn't just go away". Some schools are administering national standardized tests this week, and administrators said students leaving in the middle of the day could compromise the exam.

The time, the club says they want to promote constructive discussion about school safety.

Here's what you need to know about the National School Walkout. All students must remember that disorderly conduct that disrupts school operations is not acceptable and is a clear violation of the school and district rules and policies.

It is not clear if other students and principals in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools have had similar discussions.

Freeman school administrators previously told KREM 2 students plan to participate in the walkout day on Friday. This is not just about passing one piece of legislation or electing one person into office: "it is about changing the climate in our communities to bring about larger-scale political and cultural change", states their press release located on their website.

"The Astroturf nature of the anti-gun walkout, with lots of money coming in from politically well-connected, national organizations and celebrities along with the media and school support definitely helped with their turnout", she said. "As educators, we will work toward participating in service projects that will strengthen our school community".

Stafford, Colonial Forge and Massaponax high schools also plan to hold walkouts Friday, according to indivisible.org.

  • Leroy Wright