Amy Schumer's 'Pretty' doesn't get ugly enough

When Renee learns they're hiring a new receptionist at Lily LeClaire HQ-her dream role, in a fantastic sendup of that obsession with fashion magazine jobs typically seen in rom-coms (How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, The Devil Wears Prada, 13 Going on 30)-she yearns, but doubts she is attractive enough to be the "face" of the publication's lobby. Others did not see it this way. And I left feeling, " I figure" she said.

It was written, Schumer revealed, "for me to just stand there and pose".

Amy Schumer is taking advantage of her "I Feel Pretty" press tour to respond to haters who were "triggered" by the trailer when it came out months ago. And she "transforms" her professional life, from running the online presence for a beauty company from a Chinatown basement to working the reception desk at the chic, Fifth Avenue corporate office.

In an interview with Glitters and Lazers, the 36-year-old comedian and actress opened up about why the film's bikini scene-which showed her dancing in a water-soaked t-shirt with a line of thin women behind her-was so significant to her. It's a joy to watch Renee's transformation unfold onscreen. I have had moments of complete lack of self-esteem, and I've had moments where my confidence has been too much.

Forgive my demand for purity, but Ms. Schumer has made a cottage industry of purporting to speak truth to women that do not look like Michelle Williams, while repeatedly betraying the ideals she claims to exult.

"There was this kind of unusual backlash at the trailer and it just made me excited for those people to see the movie and realize that that's not what we're doing", she added. "That's really an empowering message for young women and all women".

ET caught up with Schumer at the premiere of her new comedy at the Westwood Village Theatre in Westwood, California, on Tuesday, where she also gushed over the support from her new husband Chris Fischer. I cleared every social-media post, specifically because I know this is how public thinking works. Self-doubt relatably affects numerous characters, regardless of their outward appearance, which allowed me, as someone who wrestles with moments of uncertainty, to feel less isolated.

Why would such a woman have low self-esteem? She appeared to promote her new movie I Feel Pretty, which opens in the US on Friday.

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I Feel Pretty, which also stars Emily Ratajkowski, Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps, Aidy Bryant, Naomi Campbell and Olivia Culpo, hits theaters this Friday!

Says Bryant: "To me, the backlash is about what people expect the movie to be [glorifying superficial beauty]". Make sure that the people that you spend time with lift you up, and it's not about looking in the mirror - it's about doing things that make you feel good. When she tumbles off an exercise bicycle, she falls unconscious and wakes to see herself as the woman she always wanted to be. "What I am is ME", she declares.

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