Satellite images show craters at alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities

The inspectors entered Douma on Tuesday after arriving in Syria on Saturday.

The Syrian president's high spirits were matched by displays of jubilation in Damascus, where government supporters took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate their backing for Assad and express scorn for the strikes.

The UN Security Council on April 14 rejected an effort by Russian Federation, a key ally of Syria, to denounce it as an unjustified "aggression" against a sovereign state.

What is happening in Syria?

A Russian-drafted resolution, which would have condemned the military strikes on Syria carried out by the United States, France and Britain, failed to be adopted by the Security Council.

The EU has backed the move, ordered in response to last Saturday's alleged chemical attack on the city of Douma in the in the Eastern Ghouta countryside outside Damascus.

When they arrive at the site on Wednesday, it will be 11 days since the attack.

"The galloping alienation between Russian Federation and the West must also concern us, with consequences that will go far beyond this case".

Trump said a small American force over the past year has virtually eliminated Islamic State control over what once was a vast territory spanning parts of Syria and Iraq.

Mr Lavrov and other have also criticised the three countries for carrying out the strikes before the OPCW team could conduct their investigation.

"The evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, infants and children thrashing in pain and gasping for air", he said. The Syrian government has categorically denied the accusation.

"I would say there's still a residual element of Syrian program that's out there".

- Theresa May told a press conference in London that joining the bombing campaign with the United States and France was the "right thing for us to do" in the wake of the "harrowing" assault on Douma a week ago.

Here at home, the government is being urged to condemn the air strikes.

The 3 allies circulated a joint draft resolution at the Security Council that also calls for unimpeded deliveries of humanitarian aid, enforcing a ceasefire and demands that Syria engage in UN-led peace talks, according to the text obtained by Agence France-Presse.

As his speech came to a close, the first reports of explosions in Damascus began to emerge.

The US assesses that the Syrians fired about 40 missiles in retaliation, but none of them endangered the US forces and its allies.

Haley also said U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will announce new sanctions against Russian Federation for its support for Syria's chemical weapons program Monday.

The monitoring group said the source of the blast on April 14 was not immediately clear and could have been caused by an air strike or an incident.

More than 100 cruise missiles, launched from warplanes and gunboats, struck three Syrian facilities: a scientific research centre used to produce chemical weapons near the capital of Damascus and two military bases further north.

  • Leroy Wright