Mixed Reaction To Syrian Airstrikes

Hundreds protesters from communist party in Cyprus have gathered in front of the U.S embassy to denounce US-led airstrikes against suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria in this Saturday.

A Kremlin statement said they agreed "that this illegal action is adversely impacting prospects for political settlement in Syria".

"Vladimir Putin, in particular, emphasized that if such actions continue in violation of the UN Charter, this will inevitably lead to chaos in global relations", the Kremlin said in a statement about the call.

"Last night, the United States along with our British and French allies showed the world that the United States will not sit idly by while the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons to murder and maim its own people".

The Pentagon said Saturday the USA -led allied missile strikes in Syria successfully hit all three targets and have "significantly crippled" Syrian President Bashar Assad's ability to make more chemical weapons.

Russian Federation denounced the attacks as aggression against its ally, but there was no sign of an immediate military response.

As Assad's regime is supported by Russian Federation and especially Shiite Iran, most Sunni Arab countries have armed various rebel factions to contain Iran's growing influence in the Middle East.

But even some people who have expressed vehement public disagreement with Trump's previous actions voiced support for the strike, which was carried out in coordination with Britain and France.

"Seventy-five people, including young children, were killed in a horrific chemical attack", said May, calling the attack "a stain on our humanity".

"Such action could have risky consequences, threatening the security and stability of the region and giving terrorism another opportunity to expand after it was ousted from Iraq and forced into Syria to retreat to a large extent", the ministry said in a statement quoted by Al-Jazeera.

"I am glad the strikes were undertaken", she said. "I don't think you should hide behind the inevitable Russian veto at the United Nations Security Council as an excuse not to act", he said. "That's how it's perceived in the region, and it's not doing us any good".

That did not stop opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party, however, of forgetting that she was "accountable to this parliament, not the whims of the U.S. president".

Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said several coordination meetings were held with the OPCW team, but he did not provide any further details about their schedule.

The 15-member council met on Saturday, at Russia's request, the fifth time it has met on Syria since a suspected deadly poison gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma a week ago.

Moscow and Damascus are waging the same "battles" against terrorism and "to protect worldwide law based on respect of the sovereignty of countries and the wills of people", Assad said in comments carried by state media, an apparent jab at the three Western allies.

French President Emmanuel Macron said in a broadcast interview Sunday that despite Trump's talk of a USA troop withdrawal, "we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long term".

USA officials said they gave Russian Federation no specific warnings of the attacks or the targets, but used the usual hotline with Moscow's military to ensure the airspace was clear.

The US, UK, and France hit three targets in the Damascus suburbs around 9pm EDT on Friday using aircraft and cruise missiles launched from ships. Russian and Iranian military help over the past three years has allowed Assad to crush the rebel threat to topple him.

"We can not allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized, either within Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom, or elsewhere", May said - linking the chemical attack in Syria with the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter last month with a military-grade nerve agent in the English city of Salisbury.

Syria insists there was no chemical attack, while the U.S., France and United Kingdom blame Syria.

The strikes have ratcheted up the worldwide tension, as the U.S. and Russian Federation exchanged threats of retaliation.

"Should he use it again, the president (Trump) has made it very clear that the United States is locked and loaded and ready to go", Haley said on "Fox News Sunday".

President Donald Trump ordered the military strike early Saturday in coordination with France and Britain. The mechanism would look at cases where the OPCW fact-finding mission has established chemical weapons were used or likely used.

  • Leroy Wright