Classic Sega games coming to Nintendo Switch starting this summer

We do know that US-based AtGames will be the company behind the hardware.

SEGA Fes 2018 is a SEGA hosted event going on from April 14 to April 15 that pretty much showcases everything SEGA. We expect more information to crop up from the company in the near future.

Based on this translated interview from a Japanese website (via Polygon), it seems that Sega's new Genesis Mini will be an updated version of an AtGames console, albeit with "different emulation".

The device looks like it's following in the same vein as Ninendo's wildly popular NES Classic and SNES Classic devices, which allowed gamers to play a variety of pre-loaded games. With games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Golden Axe in its extensive library, the Genesis became one of the most beloved consoles of all time. It is entirely possible the console will actually deliver a worthwhile Sega Genesis experience.

The MegaDrive Classic costs £59.99 and comes with two controllers. These classic consoles thrived on couch co-op gaming, and being able to enjoy that straight away without paying an additional fee is what players want.

Sega's Mega Drive Mini was announced without any hint of a manufacturer until ATGames announced it would be doing the manufacturing... only to delete the announcement shortly thereafter.

There are precious few details about the upcoming micro machine. The console isn't complete without these games. Folks who've been fooled into buying into buying an AtGames console before won't likely do so again, even if it's decent. SEGA Ages is arriving to Japan and the West this summer. While The Big N continues to drag its feet on any sort of Switch Virtual Console, Sega has revealed it will be reviving the Sega Ages series on the system.

  • Arturo Norris