Trump Tweets All-Male, All-White Photo With GOP Congressional Leaders

I am the candidate who will replace him because we need a teacher in Congress who can educate and mobilize voters to reverse the damage Paul Ryan has done to the middle class over his two decades in office. To adapt Reagan's words for a bleaker age, the Republican Party left Paul Ryan, so he is leaving politics.

"What's changed is we have gotten a lot done", Ryan said. He says he has given the job "everything that I have".

In the meantime, the scramble to succeed Ryan atop the Republican conference - if not the House majority - could prove intense, some said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Wednesday that he will retire rather than seek another term in Congress, sending ripples through a Washington already on edge and spreading new uncertainty through a party bracing for a challenging election year. Thanks to the relativism posed by having Trump in the White House, there's a high likelihood that Ryan's gambit to save his reputation will pay off. I guess they can relate to Mr. Ryan's dilemma.

"Instead of playing to your anxieties, we can appeal to your aspirations".

On the other hand, what we do know is that President Trump works with people who "say nice things" about him.

The protests Ryan offered rarely had an impact.

On other fronts, the speaker of the House was not so successful, particularly with respect to his interest in restoring Medicare and Social Security to a strong financial footing and bringing this country's out-of-control deficit spending under control. As recently as January, Ryan described Trump's vulgar description of some majority-minority nations as "sh--" countries as "very unfortunate" and "unhelpful".

Donald Trump won the district by more than 10 percentage points.

Replacing him as the face of Medicare reform will be hard, he said. He expressed repeated, if carefully modulated, criticism of Trump during the campaign, eventually withdrawing his support in the wake of the infamous "Access Hollywood" recording. Because that prospect, too, seems increasingly likely with every Republican retirement - including now Ryan's own.

At the same time, Ryan has struggled to hold together a fractious GOP caucus, initially failing in his attempt to pass a repeal of President Obama's health care law.

But one thing is clear: If the showdown between California Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise for House speaker is a popularity contest, it will be tight. Republicans acknowledged Wednesday morning that Ryan's seat will be far more vulnerable without the speaker on the ballot.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., says tax cuts passed a year ago will secure House Speaker Paul Ryan's legacy. In June 2016 Ryan did upbraid Trump for suggesting that a federal judge was biased against him because of his Mexican heritage: "the textbook definition of a racist comment", Ryan called it. He became speaker in 2015 only because he was an acceptable compromise between warring Republican factions. And 38 House Republicans aren't searching for 2018 Reelection. Or who might win an endorsement from President Donald Trump.

If Scalise were to decide to run he could be a more acceptable choice to conservatives who had doubts about McCarthy the last time he ran for speaker. More recently, he has begun walking and has vowed to one day play second base again for the House GOP baseball team. "He told me personally that he'll do whatever it takes to help CLF protect the Republican majority".

Asked if he would run against McCarthy for the speakership, Scalise said, "No, and I've said that before".

  • Leroy Wright