Trump Declares 'Mission Accomplished!' After Airstrikes In Syria

The coordinated strike marked the second time in a year that Trump has used force against Syrian President Bashar Assad, who USA officials believe has continued to test the West's willingness to accept gruesome chemical attacks.

A sarin attack triggered Trump's decision previous year to strike a Syrian air base.

However, the meeting could be too late as President Macron has announced he has proof that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government.

She added, "When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line".

But at other moments, the chaotic nature of Trump's presidency broke through. But the White House later said it had nothing to do with the "Mission Accomplished" banner and noted that the president never said those words in his speech on the deck of the Lincoln.

"Many were excited there is finally something happening, that the (Syrian President Bashar) Assad regime will see some consequences, but other people were quite anxious about civilian casualties, further destruction of Syria", Khatib said.

She said: "We can not stand by and let Russian Federation trash every global norm and allow use of chemical weapons to go unanswered". Footage and photographs after the raid showed destroyed concrete office blocks and Syrian soldiers picking their way through the rubble.

Said said the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons had visited the site in Barzeh in recent years and had declared it free of any toxic weapons.

Disputing the Russian military's contention that Syrian air defense units downed 71 allied missiles, McKenzie said no US or allies missiles were stopped.

He said "none of the aircraft or missiles were successfully engaged" by defence systems and all aircraft had returned. He ordered an United States airstrike on a Syrian air base.

The military strike was carried out by the US, France and the United Kingdom in response to Syria's use of chemical weapons.

In Syria, the airstrikes are being called a terrorist attack.

The bombardment, including both cruise missiles and air-to-surface strikes, hit Syria around 4:00 am on Saturday (0100 GMT), jolting people awake in the capital's nearby residential neighbourhoods.

He says people want to see justice after seeing the chemical attacks in Syria. "He's a President. He's supposed to come to Congress to seek permission to initiate a war".

In the attack Friday night, Britain and France joined US forces to hit three targets instead of last year's one and with 105 missiles, almost double the number last year.

She said that the United States, Britain and France had acted "to deter the future use of chemical weapons by holding the Syrian regime responsible for its atrocities against humanity". In fact, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said no additional attacks were planned.

A different Trump administration official, briefing reporters, said the United States assessed that sarin was also used in the April 7 attack but suggested that USA information on sarin came from analysis of reports from news media and other public sources of information, as opposed to US intelligence.

He said it is likely the Syrian missiles were fired "without guidance".

Assad "now dictates his own life", Haley said.

"By contrast, the precise nature of our strike, and the care of which our allied team planned and executed, significantly reduced the risk of collateral damage to civilians", McKenzie said. "We saw the anguish that can be unleashed and the evil that can take hold". "In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed".

The Syrian coalition of opposition forces described the strikes as "an important step toward crippling the regime and undermining its military capabilities".

Most members of the Security Council, with the notable exception of Bolivia, voiced support for the airstrikes.

  • Leroy Wright