IRGC Warns Syria Strike Perpetrators against Consequences

Warplanes and ships from the US, Britain and France launched more than 100 missiles at three chemical weapons storage and research facilities near Damascus and Homs on Saturday around 4am local time. Russian Federation and Syria denied this, saying the incident was either fabricated or was a false-flag attack.

Inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog OPCW were due to try to visit Douma to inspect the site of the suspected gas attack.

Nebenzya accused the United States, Britain, and France of "hooliganism" and of "demonstrating a blatant disregard for global law".

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all Security Council members to exercise restraint and avoid escalation in Syria, but said allegations of chemical weapons use demand an investigation.

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the U.S. forces to launch air strikes on targets in Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians in the country.

She added: "When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line".

Syrian envoy to the UN Bashar Jaafari claimed that the Douma attack was a "masquerade" mounted by rebels. Analysts and diplomats said the strike was unlikely to shake Assad's hold on power or change the trajectory of the conflict.

Syrian-American, Suzan Boulad is one of few with firsthand knowledge of the now seven-year long civil war in Syria.

"We don't need more military action, we need all worldwide parties to push for a political solution", said Boulad.

U.S. FIFTH FLEET AREA OF OPERATIONS (April 13, 2018) - The guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey (CG 61) fires a Tomahawk land attack missile April 13.

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to face a backlash on Monday when she addresses parliament, with some MPs angry the government joined the US-led mission without first seeking their approval.

Even the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, stated that the strikes were not aimed at changing Assad's regime, but rather were meant to deter Assad from using chemical weapons. "We hit the sites".

The Russian vetoes have been one of the main irritants in strained relations between Washington and Moscow, with Western diplomats accusing Russia of trying to protect the Assad government.

Natalya Komarova, governor of Russia's Khanty-Mansiysk region, also attended Sunday's meeting.

The British Defence Ministry said the strike outside Homs targeted a former military base about 24 kilometres west of the city "where the regime is assessed to keep chemical weapon precursors stockpiled in breach of Syria's obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention".

In a joint operation with the United Kingdom and France, chemical weapons sites, including a storage facility and a research base, were targeted in the pre-dawn hours, constituting the largest military intervention so far since the civil war began.

The narrowly targeted pre-dawn operation, which took aim at three chemical weapons facilities, earned quick scorn from Russian Federation, but Moscow's push for condemnation of the strikes at the UN Security Council fell far short.

  • Leroy Wright