European Union thanks Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg for highlighting new data rules

35% say they're using Facebook less than they used to over the privacy issue. Still, a large portion of the questions showed that lawmakers were taking seriously the issue of how Facebook protects and uses customers' data, he said. With people feeling that the social-media site is mishandling our sensitive information, it has led many to abandon it entirely. These capabilities are the fruits of a self-improving, artificial intelligence-powered prediction engine, first unveiled by Facebook in 2016 and dubbed "FBLearner Flow".

In confidential documents seen by the Intercept, Facebook touts its ability to "improve" marketing outcomes with what it calls "loyalty prediction".

But for many, the benefits of Facebook's social connectedness and sense of intimacy outweigh the costs, said journalism professor George Sylvie, an expert on technology's role in media.

A commentary piece by Jess Kimball Leslie about Facebook haters drew this comment from a follower, "If they keep up the censorship, I guarantee I will be using an alternative means to connect with people". Facebook's name for this service: "loyalty prediction". But the hearings also made clear that many in Congress are knowledgeable about and focused on the company's privacy and data protection in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, he wrote.

The hearing took place after reports started pouring in last month that the social networking site had compromised with the personal data of over 87 million Facebook users to Britain-based Cambridge Analytica, which allegedly influenced voters during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

If you want to tailor a Facebook ad to a single user out of its universe of 2.2 billion, you could.

Give users greater access to and control over their data. We don't. That's not been a thing that we do. Go right ahead. Interested in mail-ordering pet treats to a 32-year-old cat owner in Madison, Wisconsin who enjoys Japanese food, doesn't like pizza and has an anniversary coming up in the next two months? It has safeguards to make sure the disseminated content remains unbiased. In case you don't know new GDPR(General Data Protection Laws) will come into force soon and this means that the data of users will be protected against the unofficial export/import of data.

But many appeared out of touch on the fundamentals of how Facebook works and lobbed mainly softball questions.

Ideally, the company should look to broaden its governance horizons, by seeking to truly engage in consultation and reform with Facebook's stakeholders - its users - as well as the civil society groups and regulatory bodies that seek to empower users in these spaces.

Interestingly, Facebook will still retain some of this data, as the official statement mentions.

  • Zachary Reyes