Twin Rivers RX School District wants to allow armed teachers

The union will now turn its focus to 2018 elections, and helping candidates that agree with its education priorities. Although lawmakers passed some bills teachers lobbied for last week, lawmakers still refused to meet all of teacher's demands.

The Oklahoma City-American Federation of Teachers, which like the OEA opposed the strike from the beginning, acknowledged Friday that a poll it had conducted showed overwhelming support for the continuation of the strike.

The militant mood of teachers was spelled on the signs they were carrying Friday, including, "OEA doesn't speak for me", "The movement didn't start with the OEA and won't end with the OEA", and "We're not leaving".

Jenkins said educators, parents and supporters from different school districts, including Elgin, Central, Cache and Apache, helped with the fundraiser.

Teachers from Blue Ridge, Round Valley, Show Low, Snowflake-Taylor and other schools districts across Navajo and Apache counties conducted walk-ins. As a result, school districts had to cut curricula and deploy almost 2,000 emergency-certified instructors as a stop-gap measure. Teachers applauded the passage of millions of dollars in new education funding, but they are also returning to their classrooms without the full raises or classroom funding they demanded.

"We are glad that teachers received a needed pay raise".

Much like "The Little Engine That Could", teachers across the state left their classrooms and tried their best to get a short list of educational needs fulfilled. Earlier this week Governor Doug Ducey, who is up for reelection this year, publicly offered teachers a phased-in series of pay raises amounting to 20 percent by 2020, along with some boosts in education funding - without, he claims, a tax increase.

Hall added that he hoped that his staff would never have to defend itself against violence, but that they wanted to let people know that in a life or death situation, fighting back is okay. The repeal of the $5 tax on hotels and motels meant the loss of about $50 million in projected revenue.

An official end to the nine-day strike likely won't end all activity. They are demanding lawmakers override Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's veto of a two-year operating budget and an accompanying tax increase that fuels record education spending. However, schools in the two systems will remain closed on Friday (April 13).

Fish admitted to police that, starting in September, three or four scheduled fights were held. "In addition, they have protected Oklahomans, especially small businesses and farmers, from an irresponsible capital gains tax".

Treat said that the state's largest teacher's union was continually moving their end goals.

Following that rejection, OEA rolled back its demand by nearly two-thirds. She says she would rather be in the classroom Friday morning but she is so anxious about education spending that she made a decision to miss work to make sure her voice was heard.

  • Leroy Wright