The Oklahoma Teachers Strike Has Ended

Prosecutors say a teacher in CT not only failed to stop students from fighting in class, he encouraged them to do it. "And be open to what it is that they want to see happen in Oklahoma, and not necessarily what my own personal standpoint is on things".

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, which represents educators in Oklahoma City, said the movement could shake up national politics.

Teachers in Kentucky are gearing up for a showdown with state lawmakers Friday, days after Gov. Matt Bevin signed a pension reform bill that the teachers' group, the Kentucky Education Association, strongly opposes.

As in West Virginia, rank-and-file teachers started the walkout movement by organizing on Facebook, at first without much help from unions.

Labor Education spokeswoman Susan Close said in opposition the Liberals were silent on the $210 million cut from SA funding. Large districts like Bartlesville and Moore Public Schools will reopen today-but not without a fight.

On Friday, the Capitol was largely empty of legislators, who are already into a three-day weekend. Lawmakers have held their ground since, refusing to give any more concessions and saying the budget for the year is set.

"I don't see a bill that could get enough votes", said Jordan, while deflecting to House leadership to provide the ultimate assessment.

Jerden is running for the Oklahoma State Senate in District 24. Teachers still will get paid for the day.

She also says they may be back in school, but they will continue to make their presence known at the capitol.

"We should not allow people like that in our schools", said Mitchell. In another interview, he said there were a total of four fights in his classroom and then called himself "an idiot" who wanted to befriend his students, NBC Connecticut reported.

Several media reports say some teachers from Moore Public Schools are taking personal leave as classes resume Thursday, leaving school officials to seek hundreds of substitute teachers.

Police say Ryan Fish, 23, of Bozrah, Conn., encouraged students to hit each other in one-on-fights at Montville High School. It's calling on teachers to go back to the classroom. The declaration came shortly after 7:30 p.m. around two hours later than previous closure announcements throughout the previous two weeks.

The district plans to open up its worksite clinic this fall.

"Being at the Capitol has really been like beating your head against a brick wall", said Reynolds, the second-grade teacher from Norman.

"I am, however, energized and motivated by the community of teachers, parents and students who have vowed to keep fighting for a better education for our children".

In a movie retrieved from the teacher's phone the police discovered Fish sitting behind his desk and taunting a 16-year-old student to slap his opponent.

  • Leroy Wright