Tax Day Wasn't Always In April. Here's What Happened

The biggest mistakes taxpayers make on their returns are entering the wrong Social Security number or even forgetting to enter it, Devine said. First, there are penalties for failure to timely file the return and separate penalties for failure to timely pay the balance due.

On tax day, which is April 17th, you can get help from the VITA program at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro.

Actually, no. Some groups of USA citizen are automatically given more time to file their taxes without asking for it or filling out paperwork.

According to the IRS website, "Scammers often alter caller ID numbers to make it look like the IRS or another agency is calling".

According to the IRS, the length of time you should keep your tax documents depends on the type of document, the amount of expense and the event the document recorded.

This year, Tax Day falls on April 17.

Under Senate File 2388, telecommunications companies' land and buildings would continue to be assessed for property tax purposes.

Double-check the typo errors: If you spell your name wrong, reverse any digits in your PAN or use an incorrect home address, the income tax department can not process return thus refund would be delayed. Tax preparers should sign the tax returns they prepare on paper and include their PTIN on the tax return, which provides the IRS with their identifying information.

The tax filing deadline is fast approaching, but there's still time to get your paperwork turned in or file an extension. "They opened up bank accounts and filed fraudulent returns of about 600,000", said Manny Muriel, special agent in charge IRS criminal investigation in Detroit.

Jochum said she is being contacted by constituents who still have not received a refund after filing returns eight weeks ago. The maximum late penalty is 25 percent of the unpaid tax owed.

There are some tax breaks and deductions you may qualify for this year related to Hurricane Harvey that could mean instead of owing hundreds of dollars, you'll get thousands back.

To help with this, the IRS has provided a Withholding Calculator on "Time is running out for people who haven't filed tax returns to claim their refunds".

Students receiving scholarship money in addition to financial aid and students paying student loans may face a more complex tax process than others. "So as an example, our core systems like CADE2 have been working well this filing season, but we have more work to do on those systems down the road".

Fill Form 16A details correctly: Ensure there is no mismatch in the TDS you claim and Form 16 or Form 16A as the case may be.

  • Salvatore Jensen