'Legitimate, proportional step': USA allies praise strikes on Syria

That means the B-1s would not have needed to expose themselves to Syria air defenses to make their strikes.

All that anticipation was pretty much for nought, though, as the sites that were attacked were evacuated after Moscow used the time and the target list Washington provided to tip Assad regime officials off.

"We had an early warning of the strike from the Russians. and all military bases were evacuated a few days ago", the official said.

American officials and their European allies were careful to characterise the attack as a one-off strike created to deter Mr Assad from using chemical weapons again. But Friday night, the White House released what it said was "a significant body of information" that pointed to the use of chlorine gas - and possibly also the deadly nerve agent sarin.

The Russian military also claimed Syria shot down the cruise missiles that were launched at a Syrian air base.

At the United Nations, Russia's diplomats vetoed a U.S. motion to re-establish an global investigation into chemical weapons use in Syria that could have established blame.

The British Prime Minister detailed "limited and targeted strikes" on chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

A missile is seen crossing over Damascus, .

Syria agreed to give up its chemical weapons arsenal in 2013 and submit to OPCW inspections.

But for Washington to stop Assad from killing his own citizens more broadly, "we're getting closer to a regime-change scenario because he's bombing nearly every day", said Ford, the former USA ambassador.

Director of the Joint Staff Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie confirmed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still maintains "residual" capacity. They'd fly really high then start weaving across, like they were following their target.

After all, can it really be said that Trump, or even Obama before him, genuinely care about the fate of the Syrians under Assad?

Damascus, with key allies Russian Federation and Iran, have lambasted reports of the suspected gas attack as bogus.

State media published images of a cloud of reddish smoke hanging over the capital and said that air defences were activated to block the attack.

This photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, shows anti-aircraft fire in the sky.

AMERICA, Britain and France fired a barrage of missiles at targets inside Syria on April 14th.

British had no alternative but to take military action to degrade Syria's chemical weapons capability, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Saturday after ordering air-launched cruise missile strikes along with the United States and France, Reuters reports.

"We can not tolerate the normalization of the use of chemical weapons", Macron said in a statement. But on this occasion there is none'.

The US, Britain and France have just bombed Syria making it the second time the US has waded into the country's seven-year conflict in response to a chemical weapons attack.


Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said the situation in Syria "is worrying to the worldwide community, including Russian Federation".

Russia's USA embassy released a statement warning that the airstrikes will "not be left without consequences". Referring to the recent nerve-agent attack on a former Russian spy living in Salisbury, England, she said, "We can not allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized - within Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom or anywhere else in our world".

  • Leroy Wright