Fortnite servers took a 12-hour emergency maintenance hiatus

This weekend, Battle Royale players can get a free Back Bling item (a new type of customization slot added for Season 3), which is pictured below.

Replay will be exclusive to Battle Royale and is now only available on PC and console. In fact, it looks like the reports that the Fortnite server is down stretch back the better part of a full day. From here it's up to you to survive by eliminating the other ninety-nine players.

Tilted Towers - This one is opposite a large yellow bus in the north-east.

One of the big additions that is getting attention this week is the new Port-a-Fort item. The new patch has somehow broke down the animations of the guided missiles which make it unavailable for the use.

Season 3's week eight challenges have gone live in "Fortnite" for Battle Pass owners, and that means new ways to earn Battle Stars and experience. Even Ninja's back on stream with the trick.

The Battle Star itself can be found nearly directly in the middle of the island - it's pretty hard to miss.

Watching a Replay
Watching a Replay

Epic Games is saying that the reason it made a decision to shutdown the servers is because it needed to perform "emergency maintenance".

"We've changed the way we convert event tickets", Epic explains. However, this time the mode has been rebranded as "50 v 50 v2", and will offer a faster loot collection time along with more weapon spawns. Take out five enemies with any assault rifle style weapon to complete this.

In terms of the other challenges in week 8, we'd suspect that the eliminations in Dusty Depot could be a lot of fun. While not almost as popular of a location as a place like Tilted Towers, Dusty is typically a high activity location so players will likely find players to battle here.

Retail Row - North Easternmost building.

While Fortnite iOS gets "multiple graphical improvements" for "the skybox, vegetation and anti-aliasing", the Fortnite Replay System is now available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

  • Arturo Norris