16th victim of Humboldt Broncos crash dies in hospital

Tim Hortons is selling doughnuts in Humboldt Broncos colours, with proceeds benefiting the team.

The idea actually started thousands of kilometres away from the accident, in Langley, B.C.

"We'll have our flag at half-mast until the last service is concluded", says Principal Shelly Campbell of Stoughton Central School, when asked about her school's response to the tragedy.

As well, across the country, in a heartwarming act of honouring the victims, people have been leaving their hockey sticks outside of their front door and sharing pictures online using #PutYourSticksOut #SticksOutForHumboldt and others.

Singh, who seemed to be utterly disappointed, said he is unaware of what will happen next as the probe in the incident is going on.

"Let's show them we got this".

"This could be any team and the hockey world is a close-knit family", he said.

"When I heard about the GoFundMe (campaign), boom, I had to do that".

Addressing grief will be different for every individual, he adds.

"I have grown up watching the team and I've got a place to stay there so no problem at all for me to come back home", she said in an interview with a local radio station about her joining the team.

Pinch said hearing about the crash made her think of all the hours she's travelled with her son's team.

"It's just so immensely tragic, so huge, that not one person can do a heck of a lot". "We greatly appreciate everything everyone did to help on Friday night", says Councillor Gary Jones.

The accident is the most severe in junior hockey history.

"There are not (as many) churches". "If they see the support, it could help them in some small way".

"They are also requesting everyone using social media networks to respect their privacy as well".

"They may not notice this for a month or even a year, but they will know that in their dark, dark time, there was a worldwide community supporting them and it will be nice to know that they weren't alone as they probably feel right now".

"What you're seeing is human beings who have experienced tragedy in their lives and grief in their lives".

"We travel on buses all the time and these guys, they're some of your best friends, you know, you consider them your brothers - it's your family - and just imagining that happening to your group of guys, it's heartbreaking", he said, becoming emotional.

"There's healing in the helping".

  • Zachary Reyes