Zuckerberg emerges unscathed by congressional grilling as Facebook hearing ends

Youve said everyone controls their data, but youre collecting data on people who are not even Facebook users, who never signed a consent or privacy agreement and youre collecting their data, said Lujan.

Zuckerberg also appeared willing to work with lawmakers on possible regulations, which we think may actually create a barrier to entry in the social network space and help Facebook maintain its market leadership.

The company's stock was up about 2 per cent even before Zuckerberg sat down. He cited figures from the Federal Drug Administration indicating there are 35,000 online pharmacies accessible through Facebook, and that "96 percent are operating illegally".

Representative Greg Walden of OR, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, also said Wednesday that the panel intended "to widen our lens to larger questions about the fundamental relationship between tech companies and their users".

"What we know now is that Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed information by buying it".

"We were encouraged by Facebook removing the posts after the hearing, but they need to be vigilant and program their AI (artificial intelligence technology) to prevent this from occurring in the future", said Thomas. The fewer users and the less active they are ― the more they sleep, or text, or do something else ― the worse off Facebook and similar tech platforms are. Facebook allows academic researchers more access to user data than commercial companies and app developers.

House lawmakers aggressively questioned Zuckerberg Wednesday on user data, privacy settings and whether the company is biased against conservatives.

It is prescription on how companies treat consumer data.

For Zuckerberg, who often found himself explaining what his company does in rudimentary terms to lawmakers twice his age, the hearings could be considered a win: Facebook shares rose more than 1 percent after climbing 4.5 percent on Monday. Facebook generatesabout $9 a month per user in the U.S.by targeting you with ads.

Unless Zuckerberg himself took the infamous "thisisyourdigitallife" quiz, which we find to be unlikely, the CEO is probably Facebook friends with someone who did take the quiz. And such requests can transmit data about the site you're on, the browser you are using, and more. Zuckerberg responded, "I'm not sure what that means".

During the hearing, Mark stressed that Facebook had a counterterrorism team - with 200 members - who were focused just on fighting terrorism on the platform.

Zuckerberg said Aleksandr Kogan shared information with "a handful" of third parties.

"We are also awaiting the result of the processes now being undertaken by UK's Information Commissioner's Office, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the US Federal Trade Commission and the Australian Privacy and Information Commissioner", Edwards said.

Sputnik: What do you think is going to happen as far as the regulation and as far as people are being more proactive?

  • Carolyn Briggs