Mark Zuckerberg Testified In Front Of Congress And Was Absolutely Roasted Online

The news that a personality quiz developed by an academic, Aleksandr Kogan, had collected data not just from the people who used it but also from their Facebook friends was revealed by newspaper investigations. And no, he's not resigning.

"Yes", Zuckerberg answered. "In retrospect, I think that was a mistake".

Mark Zuckerberg will return to the US Capitol for a second day of hearing on Wednesday.

"Senator, we run ads", Zuckerberg responded, spelling out the giant site's basic business model.

It's been a rough week for Mark Zuckerberg's hit surveillance app Facebook - but at least Zuck has something to put that slightly alarming smile back on his face.

If, like the vast majority of Facebook users worldwide, your data wasn't swept up, you'll instead get a link to the Apps and Websites privacy page, which lets you control which third-party apps and websites have access to what data. "It will take some time to work through all of the changes we need to make, but I'm committed to getting it right".

What's next: This was the first of two hearings on Zuckerberg's schedule. "Your user agreement sucks". The company has said that as many as 146 million people may have received information from a Russian agency that's accused of orchestrating much of the cyber meddling in the election. It wasn't as if senators could forget about that.

Under "Election integrity (Russia)", Zuckerberg's notes read, "Too slow, making progress".

"We expected them to do a number of more traditional cyber attacks, which we did identify and notify the campaigns that they were trying to hack into them", he said. To me, one of the most interesting developments was that Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook could charge users in the future instead of seeing advertisements. "Not who we are".

It was these shortcomings that nearly certainly undermined what should have been an afternoon of hard questions for the 33-year-old billionaire and indeed many will be hoping that his second appearance in front of the House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce will be considerably more taxing.

Some senators of a certain age utilized posters to illustrate their questions, such as Sen.

Zuckerberg added current AI programs have a hard to time recognizing hate speech in different languages.

"We all agree with that", Leahy snapped.

  • Zachary Reyes