Black Adam Script Complete, Will Shoot in 2019

"Dwayne Johnson (as Davis Okoye): 'Having George on that plane is a big mistake".

On the technical aspects of the film, the cinematography of the action sequences are great.

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer. He was fascinating because of his physical perfection, and he'll be more fascinating when it starts to wane.

Now that the Shazam! movie is midway through filming, many fans are wondering when Dwayne Johnson's promised Black Adam movie followup is coming from Warner Bros. and New Line.

In the end, Rampage is very much the tongue in cheek and otherwise goofy video game movie that its trailers have promised, for both good and bad.

Speaking to, he said: "When I was a really poor, young, aspiring filmmaker, I watched and read everything that I could".

The space station where the experiments are being conducted explodes, scattering samples of the "Project R.A.M.P.A.G.E." enzyme on Earth and turning a wolf, crocodile and a rare albino gorilla named George into giant hyper-aggressive mutants. And George isn't the only one.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Very Evil Company that developed CRISPR, the scheming mannish sister Claire (Malin Akerman) and sniveling brother Brett (Jack Lacy) confer. The Wydens - more the cold-and-calculated Claire than her distractingly nervous-Nelly brother - want to lure animals-turned-monsters to their headquarters to extract genetic materials from them.

They track the swath of destruction from suspensefully shifting vantage points as the creatures make their way to New Y-um, Chicago, inexorably drawn by a homing signal emitted from atop the Empire St-um, Willis Tower.

Davis teams up with Kate Caldwell, played by Naomie Harris (of Moonlight), and the pair try find an antidote. If anything, it serves as a reminder of how awesome Rampage could have been under a less serious direction and a more vibrant color palette, especially factoring in that the cinematography behind the ground pounding, auto smashing, and building punching antics all look great; when the view is slowly panned back to track the beasts in the same shot it's a attractive sight.

P.J. Byrne (as Nelson): "Is it me, or is he considerably bigger?" This is not the first time that Johnson had thanked his Malaysian fans. Rampage rarely manages to create the illusion that The Rock isn't interacting with a CGI character brought to life through motion capture and green screen, but it does succeed in making George a fun reflection of Davis' "loud and crude, but with a heart of gold" persona. It doesn't come off as a joke about Johnson's cartoonish Superman persona so much as an earnest advertisement for how not to be, in his words, a "candyass". It's a really interesting working relationship. There are many fun moments in "Rampage". So impersonating a scientist for Rampage seems nearly a demotion in stature, until it becomes clear that like some hero of an ancient myth, he'll have to confront these demons alone in single combat.

Sometimes a movie is exactly what it says on the tin and with a title like Rampage... well, it's pretty hard to be surprised.

Run time: 1 hour, 47 mins.

Stars (of four): 2.5.

  • Leroy Wright