Tennessee Women Lose $16B Annually to Wage Gap

"That means nearly 20% of the gender wage gap closure over this time frame is due to earnings losses for men", according to Indeed.

The report shows the financial services sector is almost equally divided among companies that scored well on the gender pay scale and those that did poorly. In Massachusetts, black women make $23,783 less than men, while Latina women make $32,482 less.

Plus, your participation will help us spread the word about the gender pay gap in our state! Work It Daily offers training on salary negotiations. With information on 1.8 million drivers from January 2015 to March 2017 made available to the researchers, the study is particularly robust. It ignores that men and women still tend to gravitate to different industries, have different work histories, and prioritize different job attributes when making career decisions.

Whether it's equal pay or being a change agent for empowering women in technology in their community, MST Solutions is leading the way for equality. Lack of support for paid leave, elder and dependent care, child care and state-supported preschool push IN to the bottom.

Meanwhile, some groups call today a "misleading false holiday", arguing that the pay gap between the sexes is due to the choices women make about working.

Of course, if the remaining five percent gap represents discrimination that is a problem. Only 19 percent of men had had the same experience. "Each #MeToo story amplified the voice of a woman who has been underpaid, shut out, harassed, assaulted, undermined, ignored, or threatened". Ask what you need to do to earn more... to get a promotion. When She Runs It started, we were focused on giving more women a seat at the table.

From 5:30 p.m.to 8:30 p.m., guests are encouraged to "take a bite" out of the wage gap; there will be complimentary snacks from Emma's BBQ and Molly Moon's ice cream.

"While Colorado has the sixth smallest cents-on-the-dollar wage gap in the nation, the effects are still punishing for women and families in the state". Full-time working Latinx women in the state make $22,816 less than the average white, non-Hispanic man. Childless women earned about the same.

"It's concerning overall that we're seeing persistent wage gaps in spite of heightened awareness of it", said Daraius Irani, chief economist with the Regional Economic Studies Institute at Towson University.

Remember, we're not talking about the United States or Italy, countries whose family-welfare policies are relatively modest. Taking care of children is expensive. Feminists have long promised that stronger social policies would bring about gender equality. "They're not family friendly", and they are less likely to have paid family leave. On average, women earned $12,600 less than their male partners before children were born and watched that number double to $25,100 less after a child was born. As the #MeToo revelations make clear, discrimination continues to limit women's opportunities.

  • Zachary Reyes