Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Wins Fourth Term

"They supported all that we do and they expressed the friendship of the Bavarian and Polish people", Orban continued.

The final vote count confirmed Mr Orban had won a 134-seat "supermajority" in Hungary's 199-seat assembly, opening the door to the so-called "Stop Soros" laws named after George Soros, the billionaire liberal philanthropist, who was targeted in the campaign.

"It's the corruption. In other countries, when there's stories like this that come out, there is at least a kind of shame, a kind of immediate dismissal, " said a man who agreed to be identified only as Adam.

This has lead to Orban becoming one of the most divisive leaders in Europe, criticized by people like United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, who accused him of being a racist and xenophobe. "The defining feature of Orban's career has been a zeal to defend Hungary's sovereignty against foreign encroachment", said Hendrik Hansen, a political scientist at Andrassy University in Budapest.

But to detractors Orban, 54, is a xenophobic demagogue aping Russian President Vladimir Putin by eroding democracy in the European Union member state, allowing corruption to flourish and public services to rot.

Newly re-elected Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Tuesday that "significant changes" will be made in his next government.

This is a point that even some of Orban's critics concede.

Many people there only watch the state television news channel, which has shown immigrants causing trouble in western European cities night after night. "That's the Hungarian stance". He saw Orban running an "anti-Brussels resistance cell" within the European Union geared towards revoking the "liberal consensus in Europe".

On Monday morning, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that he is "pleased" with Orban's electoral victory.

"Migration is indeed a winning card for Orban, it prevails against all other issues".

Stier described Orban as "a successful, talented and creative politician; a populist in the finest sense of this word, on most occasions". Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders was also quick to welcome the "excellent result". Hungary plunged to 71st place on the World Press Freedom Index previous year, from 23rd when the prime minister returned to power in 2010.

"We have received a strong mandate", Orban, 54, told his first news conference since his triumph, which triggered the resignation of opposition leader Gabor Vona, whose Jobbik party's shift from the xenophobic far right toward the center failed to dent the increasingly rightist Fidesz.

Ferenc Gyurcsany, head of the centre-left Democratic Coalition (DK) party, also said his party does not accept the election results.

Orban has been labelled nationalist in Europe for his refusal to let asylum seekers in, but "We don't consider it 'far right, '" said Ory.

A trained lawyer who studied political philosophy at Oxford University, Orban is a strategist planning for the long term.

But, greetings from Europe's far-right leaders poured in for Orban soon after his election victory.

The committee receives support from Soros's Open Society Foundations and is frequently identified by the government as one of the "foreign agents" supposedly working against Hungary's national interests. "Whether there will be a Hungary, where co-operation means more than just a slogan", Borokai wrote.

  • Leroy Wright