More Interesting Weather is Hitting Mississauga This Weekend

Unfortunately, some of the extended guidance says rain returns to the area for next Saturday.

The chance for seeing snow in Richmond isn't zero, and it isn't locked in either.

Looking across the nation, we can see rainstorm north of San Francisco which is expected to move to the central regions of California.

With still some time left before Saturday, things could trend back in the snowier direction or conversely could trend dry and snow-free altogether.

By Saturday morning wet weather will become more widespread.

For starters, it's April. Temperatures will drop from the 60s into the 50s by midday Wednesday.

Most of the rain and storms are well to our east, but there are a few light showers lingering over south Alabama as of 11 AM.

What an interesting Friday we've had!

We're likely to see an overcast day with at least a few hours of rain, possibly several. With the cloud cover and the rain early on, it will be hard for temperatures to warm up. Rain accumulations appear to be around about half an inch.

With the rain ending by late morning it should be dry for the Po-Boy and Boudin festivals but it will turn breezy and cool again.

A squall line ahead of an advancing cold front will deliver the main storm energy.

Another quiet but cool night tonight with temperatures getting down into the low to mid 40s under clear skies. Either way, readings will end up in the mid-30s by Saturday evening. Readings are cold and barely touch 40 degrees.

Friday morning will be below freezing everywhere. An unsettled pattern lingers into early next week but temperatures should begin to warm into the 60s and 70s.

  • Leroy Wright