Love horror movies? A Quiet Place is a treat for you!

They can't laugh out loud; they don't even dare whisper. Part ableism, part hell path of good intentions, this disconnect between the two is paid off in the film's finale when it is Regan's deafness that allows the family to survive.

John Krasinski's direction is excellent - instilling in us a sense of fear that compels the audience to keep as quiet as possible.

"There's a scene where we walk through the forest, and when an entire group of people goes dead silent, you realize what a forest really sounds like", Krasinski said. "Obviously we work in life as a couple, we adore being with each other".

Blunt says it ended up being a positive, if somewhat full-on, experience for the couple.

In the neatly spun and well-crafted supernatural thriller "A Quiet Place", the humans don't have to worry about the slimy, creepy, lizard-like creatures seeing them, because these particular monsters are literally blind. This is very much his baby but it was so close to home for me by the end of it. A Quiet Place, its shivery terrors aside, captures the imperfect textures of family life. The flick has an incredible concept, in which blind predators can hunt by hearing the human noise. In fact, if you ate popcorn IN the movie, you'd quickly be dead.

Looking back on John Krasinski's screen credits, diverse as they may be, horror is not what would immediately come to mind in terms of expectations for the filmmaker directing his first feature for a major studio. Krasinski has cited Jaws (1975) as a central influence on this film, in terms of Martin Brody's struggle to protect his children.

Krasinski makes a commanding, ferocious debut in the genre, but that's not to say the film is without its faults. "Am I a good enough person to be her father?' This felt like the most personal movie I've ever made".

But you needn't be a parent to be hooked by A Quiet Place. First, childbirth, already pretty darned painful and stressful, is made even more hard - you can't even scream!

"The things that I was scared of with this movie ended up being sort of our superpower and what was special about the movie", Krasinski said. "I connected to this family". The horror, Krasinski said, comes from the audience's emotional attachment to the family. "But when I read the script, I really wanted to do it". "He looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me". "They don't have to tell me; the customs agent in London did". A Quiet Place could actually be a brilliant exploration of how deafening silence can be. "As soon as I called 'cut, ' she was like, 'What's for lunch today?'" "Luckily, we had ILM on the movie, who to us, are one of the best in the world, and we just kept challenging ourselves, because everyone will always say to you, 'Everything's been done".

  • Salvatore Jensen