Gender pay gap highest in cricket and tennis

We've drilled down into the figures provided Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook to find out how they really stack up.

Apple has revealed its gender pay gap figures, showing that on some measures it actually pays women better than men.

Introducing mandatory gender pay gap reporting for large employers a year ago, which led to Wednesday's deadline, is just one way in which the government is seeking to improve transparency and address the issue, she said.

The pay disparity between women and men is often framed as a difference in experience.

Swansea-based Coastal Housing Group actually pays men on average 4.3% less than the average woman. "The representation of women in our workforce drives our gender pay gap". The club's median gender pay gap is 31%.

Of the carrier's 554 pilots, more than 540 are men; meanwhile its lower paid cabin crew are predominantly female.

The news has come to light due to a change in United Kingdom law which stipulates that any company in the market with more than 250 employees must reveal their gender pay gap stats by April 5 (tomorrow).

For Bank of Ireland UK plc, the mean gap was 24.6 per cent, while for the second unit, the Governor and company of the Bank of Ireland, the gap was 38 per cent.

This fits with the results of a 2016 study from Harvard's Women in Computer Science Advocacy Council, which found that women with up to eight years of programming experience report the same level of confidence as men with zero to one year of programming experience.

66% of the time, women in tech ask for less money than men for the same role at the same company. Our research shows that male managers are 40% more likely to be promoted than their female counterparts.

"Many organizations consider the gender pay gap to be acceptable if men and women do different jobs or that men hold more senior positions than women. this is worrying", Hazel Conley, a professor at the University of the West of England, told CNN earlier this week. While 50 per cent of their lowest paid staff are women, just 22 per cent of their highest paid staff are.

CH4 Gas Utility said it had identified two reasons - more men than women in senior roles and more men than women working within the engineering industry. "Both are issues that need tackling, particularly considering that equal pay is the law and it's flouted by so many big businesses".

Chief executive of the EHRC Rebecca Hilsenrath said: "This is not optional; it is the law and we will be fully enforcing against all companies that do not report".

"For child care we pay £8 ($11) an hour, say, to a woman who's looking after children".

  • Joanne Flowers