Facebook sued for allegedly allowing housing advertisers to discriminate

We've all thought about it at least once. Okay. And the subsequent deletion of accounts by Elon Musk, Playboy, and other high-profile tech and media figures doesn't make one feel any better.

According to the app market data and insights company App Annie, while Facebook downloads saw a dip last week, they have picked up again and returned to the pre-Cambridge Analytica levels, across smartphone platforms. Also on this page, you can opt out of sharing your call and text data within Messenger and Facebook.

The Facebook data leak scandal has shocked everyone about how much of your information is being tabbed upon.

You don't need to download the file to find out which advertisers have targeted you and have your personal information, including what your religious and political persuasions are.

And there you have it.

The new product is about hardware products, the connected speakers with digital assistants and video chat capabilities they are all undergoing a deeper review to undergo the timing of the latest annual gathering of the Facebook developers. Something like a digital scrapbook? The Federal Trade Commission also launched a separate investigation into Facebook's data practices on Monday. Facebook's "platform policy" allowed only collection of friends' data to improve user experience in the app and barred it being sold on or used for advertising.

"Facebook has known for years that its advertising platform violates civil rights laws, but it has refused to change its ways on a voluntary basis", Diane L. Houk, one of plaintiffs' attorneys, said in a statement.

"Instead, the FHA aims to ensure that applicants or prospective tenants (prospects) and current tenants don't get treated differently because of certain characteristics or attributes they have", legal experts at the site write.

It would be easy to dismiss these as unusual cases where users haven't set their privacy settings properly.

As Ars Technica reported, Facebook needs permission to collect information like this from your phone when you install the Facebook app. Facebook, in response, said it would temporarily block advertisers from using options that excluded users by race. In it, Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth said "all the work we do in growth is justified", even if it costs people their lives because they are exposed to bullies or die in a terrorist attack coordinated through Facebook.

Click "start my archive" and Facebook will email you a copy of all the intimate details the social networks knows about you. However, it will now incorporate the third party apps that misuse the data of its users. He promises to audit app makers that gathered massive amounts of data prior to 2014 and to notify affected users. If you're doing this on a public computer, you will need to delete the data once you've viewed it.

New privacy laws from the European Union will soon require data companies make it easy and clear for consumers to understand what the companies are collecting and how to delete it.

  • Arturo Norris