What Comes After The March For Our Lives?

HUNDREDS of thousands of school pupils, students and their supporters gathered in cities across the U.S. for the March For Our Lives at the weekend in the biggest youth-led protests since the Vietnam War era. Not saying any word after she mentioned the names of the victims. One day he or she will be stable and responsible, the next depressed, angry and frustrated as most humans tend to become at times.

The Syracuse March for Our Lives was inspiring in its strive for expanded gun control measures, but the lack of diversity at the march perpetuates Americans' willingness to ignore gun violence in low-income communities of color.

"My generation has grown accustomed to being told, 'You don't have the power to make change, '" he said. Now maybe I have the courage to go out, I can represent my core values, I won't be alone, I have momentum with a large group of people... "I need each of you to help me write the narrative in this world and understand so these girls and women are never forgotten", she said. "But these kids are jumping into your arms now", he said. Joining her on stage were students from Baltimore's Cardinal Shehan School. You are killing children and you call people like me Hollywood liberals, like there's something in it for us. In reality, this is not just a gun problem; it is also a people problem. She does not believe in arming teachers or that this issue should be politicized.

In the middle of her speech, Gonzalez paused.

"I just threw up on worldwide television, and it feels great!"

For numerous marchers, this was a moment for solidarity. Students from Chicago, California and Brooklyn spoke of losing siblings to gun violence.

Marchers are demanding a ban on the sale of assault weapons like the AR-15 used by the shooter in last month's shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, a ban on the sale of high-capacity magazines and stricter background checks for gun purchasers.

Three survivors of the February 14 shooting joined a couple hundred others for a similar demonstration in Tel Aviv, Israel on Friday.

Northwestern Stands with Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a Facebook page that has more than 500 likes, organized the walkout on March 14. Other gun-control protests around the country were also met with small counter-demonstrations.

March for our lives attracted the attention of citizens nationwide including celebrities who took to social media to document their support of the protest.

Sixth-grader Violet Feigenbutz holds a sign during a March for Our Lives protest Saturday in Moscow, Idaho. Thousands more rallied at 800 "sibling" marches around the country and overseas. The student activists have also called for solutions such as bullet-proof glass in school windows and doors. Both actions have been stopped by legislation supported by the National Rifle Association in the past. "It's an embarrassing turnout", Kasky said Sunday on the CBS program "Face the Nation". "Remember that policy change is not almost as hard as losing a loved one".

One thing that speakers wanted to make known was that, in addition to mass shootings, gun violence is an everyday problem for many youth in the city.

  • Julie Sanders