OnePlus 6 Official Image Revealed, Confirmed to Have a Notch

OnePlus has made a name for itself as the "flagship killer" by offering top performing Android phones at a lower price point than the competition. "OnePlus users will appreciate what's coming".

Well, be prepared for a sequel. OnePlus agrees that Apple accelerates the adoption of things within the industry. Later, several smartphones Android phone manufacturers including Asus, Oppo, Vivo and Huawei have launched their devices with the notch.

The listing was first spotted by Killer Feature, and the early listing likely hints that the OnePlus 6 may be launched much sooner than expected. Also, an iPhone X-like AMOLED implementation could increase the thickness of the device, which is not favourable by the company.

He said: "Maybe not as fast".

Pei concludes about the notch: "it's a very clear decision: more real estate for the user".

For one, a leaked photograph of the new phone indicates that the rear panel may sport a wood-like finish and departing from the design in the previous phones the cameras are fixed in the center and not in the left corner.

Carl stressed on the fact that the notch liberates more space on the display. This number falls perfectly in line with the OnePlus 6 leaks in the past. Of course, OnePlus only cares what Apple is doing. In the past too, OnePlus has done April Fool's Day pranks like Dash Energy Drink and Game Charger Drone, so we suppose 2018 will see another elaborate prank.

What's even more annoying than copying the iPhone X is claiming that your way is better. According to Pei, the real intention of adding the notch in OnePlus 6 is to provide increased screen space coupled with a front camera and all the required sensors. Pei said it's just cheaper to make phones with cables that come out of the bottom of the screen. That's the tech that makes Face ID possible. After this testing, the company has chose to move the clock to the left to allow more message for taskbar icons. That's why it only copied the notch.

In an exclusive to The Verge (that previously informed about the similar design) the co-founder has explained how one should "learn to love the notch". Having the 5T available in stores would, no doubt, detract from the sales of the OnePlus 6.

  • Carolyn Briggs