Facebook Reveals New Security Settings Amid Privacy Concerns

Gen. Xavier Becerra joined counterparts from 33 other states in demanding Monday that Facebook explain how personal information from millions of people was used without their consent by a political consulting firm with ties to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

A similar data breach in the future could make Facebook liable for fines of more than $1.6 billion under the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enforced from May 25. Chances are you just wanted to know which character you are similar to and quickly approved the app to have all of that access.

Warning: if you've active on Facebook for a long time, some of the things you download might surprise you.

Jennifer Grygiel, a Syracuse University professor of communications, said the new privacy settings and tools "are so obviously important to users that one has to wonder why this wasn't already done".

In a letter to the British parliament's digital, culture and media committee, Rebecca Stimson, head of public policy for Facebook UK, said the company "fully recognises the level of public and parliamentary interest in these issues".

Over the past week, high-profile companies such as Elon Musk's Tesla and SpaceX have taken down their Facebook pages.

I downloaded my own file over the weekend.

Australians are one of the biggest users of Facebook's Messenger service, with 13m users as of October past year.

"Users are being alerted to the use of information that they weren't aware of".

Facebook shows what the new consolidated settings page looks like.

Previously, Facebook had settings organised like an FAQ, with questions such as "who can see your future posts?" and "how do I stop someone from bothering me?" Users can find out which advertisers have their data and what applications are collecting their information. But some Android users may have granted that permission without realizing it, before Android tweaked how its permissions work.

While we wait to see what impact these events will have on Facebook's bottom line, Kramer warns that the low stock price doesn't mean it's the right time to invest, as the stock price is likely to continue going down before it comes back up.

It was a reminder that although Facebook is the top social network on the web, making it the best place to connect, it is constantly collecting and allowing access to user information both when we're on it, and even when we're off.

  • Zachary Reyes