Twitterati unite in their plea to conserve water

This is the 8th World Water Day Forum being held in Brasilia, Brazil where the United Nations released its annual World Water Report.

Investment in preparing for water crises - such as adopting more water-smart agricultural practices - could cut the need for people to migrate.

It explores nature-based solutions (NBS) to the current water challenges. Governments around the world have pledged to provide global water access as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, but in being here it is clear that progress isn't happening quick enough. The decade will focus on "accelerating efforts towards meeting water-related challenges, including limited access to safe water and sanitation, increasing pressure on water resources and ecosystems and an exacerbated risk of droughts and floods", as stated on their website.

What is World Water Day?

In Peterborough, GreenUP's Ready for Rain Peterborough program demonstrates what nature-based solutions to flooding concerns can look like in a neighbourhood. It suggests doing more with "green" infrastructure and harmonize it with "grey" infrastructure wherever possible.

On the occasion, Minister for PHE, I&FC Department, Sham Lal Chowdhary, Minister of State for Forest, Ecology & Environment, Animal and Sheep Husbandry, Cooperative, Fisheries & PHE Department and I&FC, Zahoor Ahmad Mir highlighted the importance of preservation and sustainable use of water resources.

Water has defined our region's history and it will define our future.

Producing and distributing ceramic water filters and working with community leaders and local churches in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

One such opportunity is the Peterborough Children's Water Festival (PCWF).

"And this is key to help us assess the quality, quantity and sustainability of water", she said.

In response to this crisis, Salesian Missions has continued its "Clean Water Initiative", making building wells and supplying fresh, clean water a top priority for every community in every country in which Salesian missionaries work. The activities include; Press briefing at NTA Headquarters and Symposium/Exhibition on Thursday 22nd March, 2018, at NAF Conference Center: Plot 496 Ahmadu Bello Way' Kado, Abuja.

The study mentioned nine other cities that too may face a water shortage soon. A common thread among numerous activity centres is the link between water and nature, such as with planted shorelines, green roofs, and wetlands.

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Our body is made up of 75% water, and carries out all the essential functions in the body.

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