Bolton may herald further rightward policy shift

"Iraq was a waste of blood and treasure".

In a new story, The New York Times reports that John Bolton's political action committee The John Bolton Super PAC hired Cambridge Analytica in August 2014, "months after the political data firm was founded and while it was still harvesting the Facebook data".

Bolton's appointment could doom the already endangered Iran nuclear deal. As a supporter of tariffs, Bolton is also opposed to the decades-long journey of a rising China that seeks to hold geopolitical dominance over the Eastern Hemisphere.

The announcement of McMaster's ouster, who the White House said had a "good working relationship" with Trump, is the latest in a string of high-profile White House departures since President Trump took office in January 2017.

"He is among the most hawkish of neoconservative hawks", Mr Bennett says. "I think concluding the destruction of the weapons of mass destruction themselves will be important".

Richard K. Betts, in "Soldiers, Statesmen, and Cold War Crises", his classic work on military and civilian decision-making on the use of force, concluded that, contrary to popular perceptions, military leaders were not more aggressive than their civilian masters in advocating the use of force; he also showed that military advice has been most influential when it has argued against military intervention.

Bolton, who ran a short-lived campaign for the Republican nomination in 2016, has also written editorials calling for military action against both North Korea and Iran.

In an interview with VOA, former US Ambassador Robin Raphel praised Bolton's recognition that the US can not walk away from the Afghan war. McMaster, who appears like he should be working as a bouncer in a city bar in the Badlands community of his Philadelphia home town, informed us on his operate in calming the violent area with a proficient mix of hard and soft power- exactly what some have actually called "wise power". "The Trump administration should make clear that Beijing will face consequences if it does not bring to bear its massive interests in support of this goal", he further wrote. Trump has rolled the dice on this one - choosing hard-liners at a time when America's greatest foreign policy challenges require not only toughness and resolve but wisdom, restraint, prudence and pragmatism, too. The sack according to analysts is to ensure Trump surrounds himself with advisers more likely to agree with his views and taking his foreign policy in a more hawkish direction. Bolton has said the deal was a "strategic mistake" and should be "abrogated".

Trump and Bolton have been discussing for weeks how he could replace McMaster.

Both Pompeo and Bolton have criticized side deals made between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is tasked with monitoring Iran's compliance with the deal, and Iran.

But this framing is built on a distortion that underplays just how unsafe Trump's evolution really threatens to become.

So, again, controversial, it seems, in some circles, but many conservative foreign policy experts I have talked to is excited about this Cabinet, one of the - the maybe strongest national security cabinets we have had in some time. Bolton, a former Fox News commentator, has been a harsh critic of Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin, while the President has been hesitant to bad-mouth the Kremlin in hopes of maintaining good relations with them.

Back in 1994 he was quoted saying the United States was the world's "only real power". "If it lost 10 storeys, it wouldn't make a bit of difference", he said. He will be the fourth man on the advisory job in just over a year. He showed disregard for the opinions of others, caring little what effect this had on his global counterparts.

The US Vice President Mike Pence has described Bolton as a "highly respected American patriot". His posture was rather that he will magically smash our enemies and aggressively represent our interests overseas effortlessly, without any serious cost, because he's tougher, stronger, and smarter than those elites. In an opinion piece penned for the Boston Globe, Bolton, says, "the Security Council, the General Assembly, and the various "human-rights" organizations - have largely been failures".

Republicans on Capitol Hill swiftly rallied behind Trump's decision, but Democrats warned Bolton's hawkish bona fides could lead the U.S. into confrontation.

"President Trump is continuing to appoint true friends of Israel to senior positions".

"There really is a tweet for every occasion", said a third.

  • Leroy Wright