I Refuse to Believe Karen McDougal Actually Loved Donald Trump

Donald Trump once tried to offer Karen McDougal money after they had been intimate, the former Playboy model told Anderson Cooper Thursday in an exclusive interview on CNN.

McDougal said she hoped at times during 2006 that the affair would blossom into something more long-term even though Trump was married to Melania, who had just given birth to Barron Trump.

McDougal claims she had a 10-month affair with President Donald Trump, and was paid $150,000 for a tabloid maneuver known as "catch and kill" which compelled McDougal's silence.

The company has said that Ms. McDougal has been allowed to speak about her relationship since 2016 and the contract gave them discretion over whether to publish the story. I think she said, about 15 months or so, and she has diaries in which she marked the days that she spent or saw him or the evenings that she spent with Donald Trump.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, she was asked if Mr Trump ever said he loved her.

She said that Trump told her that he loved her on a number of occasions. "I don't know", she added. While Melania does not want to believe that Donald carried on this alleged affair with Karen, she has little faith or trust in him after hearing the interview. McDougal said on Trump's denial, "I guess I understand because he's trying to protect his family, his image, things like that". "I left, I actually got into the vehicle... and I started crying, I was really sad, it really hurt me, but I went back..."

Ms McDougal filed a suit in California on Tuesday seeking release from the agreement requiring her to stay silent. I told him, 'That's not me. Ms. McDougal repeatedly described Mr. Trump as "very charming" and "sweet".

McDougal offered the first lady an apology for the affair, telling Cooper: "What can you say except, I'm sorry?" Interestingly enough, McDougal received $150,000 but had to pay nearly half of it to her lawyer before she knew about his alleged connection to the now President.

"It made it more real to me".

Trump has often been accused of dishonouring women in the past and tapes surfaced ahead of the presidential election in 2016 as evidence of his lewd takes on women but those did not stop him from becoming the president. His former mistress, Stormy Daniels, revealed in her explosive interview with In Touch that Trump also compared her to Ivanka.

When asked if she thought this would lead to a marriage, Ms McDougal said, "Maybe".

Trump's White House reps have denied McDougal's allegations.

  • Leroy Wright