UK MPs ask Facebook's Zuckerberg to testify on data row

British data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, best known for allegedly helping Donald Trump's USA presidential bid in 2016 by harvesting personal data on Facebook users, figured in the Indian political conversation on Wednesday with the BJP asking the Congress to explain its "links" with the company.

"Facebook needs to clarify before the representatives of 500 million Europeans that personal data is not being used to manipulate democracy", he tweeted.

Alexander Nix, the head of Cambridge Analytica who was suspended on Tuesday, said in a secretly recorded video that his company had played a decisive role in Trump's election victory.

On Monday, Nix told BBC's Newsnight the firm had been the victim of a "co-ordinated attack by the media" because of its involvement in Trump's presidential election campaign.

It seems Zuckerberg, the man who has connected billions of people and has re-tuned Facebook away from businesses and advertisement (as well as blocking cryptocurrency ads) along with its Chief Operating Officer, are afraid of the mess with Cambridge Analytica. "[But] We are proud of the work we did on that campaign".

Kogan told CNN on Tuesday that when he began his work looking into what can be predicted about any given person based on what that person "likes" on Facebook, he was relying upon research that had been done by others, but after he began looking into it himself, he said, he found the model was not effective.

The CEO of a political consulting firm at the centre of an global firestorm has been suspended. The Liberals came second with 20 percent.

"I must emphatically state that Cambridge Analytica does not condone or engage in entrapment, bribes or so-called "honeytraps", and nor does it use untrue material for any goal", he said.

According to MarketWatch, Facebook has lost roughly $40 billion in market capitalization following this revelation. He has no plan to sell because he believes Twitter faces less regulatory risk than Facebook or Snap.

Social media company Facebook is facing backlash after accusations have surfaced that profile information was stolen from almost 50 million users to help the Trump campaign.

Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica suspended its CEO Alexander Nix. President Donald Trump's campaign Saturday denied using the firm's data, saying it relied on the Republican National Committee for its data. "I must emphatically state that Cambridge Analytica does not condone or engage in entrapment, bribes or so-called "honeytraps", and nor does it use untrue material for any purposes". That means the company is too big to fail in a way.

The academic who developed an app used by Cambridge Analytica to harvest millions of Facebook users' data has claimed he has been made a "scapegoat" in the row.

Nix's comments "do not represent the values or operations of the firm and his suspension reflects the seriousness with which we view this violation", Cambridge Analytica said in a statement on Tuesday.

"They approached me", he said.

Prasad sought to know from the Congress party as to how much data trade it had with Cambridge Analytica in view of recent Gujarat and North East elections, and the upcoming elections in Karnataka. Wylie spoke to both outlets, saying he and Kogan "exploited" Facebook.

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