Texas police confirm Austin bomber is dead

The suspect's death followed a day of rapid-fire developments in the case. The five exploded bombs left two people dead and five injured.

Law enforcement officials have no idea who is behind them, and comparisons are being drawn to the most infamous of American serial bombers, Theodore John Kaczynski.

The man suspected of carrying out a series of bombings in Texas has died after blowing himself up in his auto as police closed in on him. Conditt's identity was first reported by NBC News.

A suspect linked with a series of deadly parcel bombs targeting Austin, Texas, is dead after a major police operation, officials say. Sunday, March 18 8:32 p.m. Austin police responded to a reported explosion on Dawn Song Drive.

The suspect's motive remains under investigation.

Police remain concerned that Conditt may have planted more explosive packages elsewhere in the Austin area, and possibly booby trapped his home with bombs. "So, we're asking the community to continue to stay vigilant".

This announcement came after locating the suspect in Round Rock, a few miles north of Austin. The 24-year-old suspect suffered significant injuries from the blast and died.

"They've got a couple of videos that could possibly be the person but they're not sure at this point", McCaul said.

Authorities had initially believed the bombings may be hate crimes because the victims of the earliest blasts were black, but they backed off that theory after Hispanic and white victims from different parts of the city were also affected. The the bombmaker may have taken longer to do it to avoid blowing themselves up, according to the source. One officer was injured in the explosion. The man believed responsible for terrorizing the Texas community with a series of serial bombings took his own life after police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation cornered the bomber in the early morning hours of March 21, the local news reports said.

Those two packages are connected to four previous bombings that left two people dead.

Investigators said the package that was found intact Tuesday may yield some clues.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley tried to calm nerves, saying it wasn't "time to panic".

"Now we have the blueprint and possible DNA on the inside of the bomb".

They were waiting for ballistic vehicles to arrive when the suspect drove off, Manley said. Manley said his vehicle stopped in a ditch on the side of the road. Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says the suspect detonated a bomb as officers surrounded him in his vehicle in Round Rock. One SWAT team member fired a shot at the vehicle.

The bomber died after detonating a device, reports say. They have also not yet said if the Austin bomber was working alone or if he may have had an accomplice.

Police reportedly used a blend of security video, cell phone technology and receipts to track down the suspect.

The FBI has announced a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the bomber (s), and is leading a manhunt that involved 500 personnel drawn from every specialty unit that there can be. Some of those searches included Google searches for FedEx locations - including the Brodie Lane store where the suspect allegedly shipped two packages.

Two law enforcement officials told NBC News that the suspect detonated a device as he was being pursued by police.

  • Leroy Wright