PGA works on security in Austin in wake of bombings

Two people were wounded Sunday when a device exploded in an Austin neighborhood, the fourth package bomb to explode in the city since March 2.

An FBI agent walks towards the crime scene after an explosion near north Galindo Street, which was the second blast to hit in the city that day.

In the three bombings earlier this month, which killed two people and injured two others, a box or package was left on or near the front porch of the victims' homes, according to law enforcement.

Today, Manley met with the press again, and he revealed that the two latest victims were walking on a sidewalk in Austin when they stepped or kicked a tripwire, which detonated an explosive device near a fence.

Despite the similarities noted between the bombings, police have yet to determine a clear motive.

"We don't understand why they are doing this", said Combs. It was a wire.

"It's scary", Thad Holt, a 76-year-old retiree, said in an interview, recalling that he and his wife had strolled near the bomb site about half an hour before the explosion. "It will be a fingerprint on an envelope or DNA from saliva or a unique kind of detonator, or someone will just blab in a bar", he said.

APD is urging the public to not pick up any unexpected packages found and to call 911 instead.

"Is this terrorism? Is it hate-related?"

In Monday's news conference, the authorities said they had received a large number of tips on who could be behind the attacks, but that so far, none had led to the identification of a suspect.

"As they opened that package, both victims were in the kitchen, and the package exploded, causing the injuries that resulted in the young man's death and the injuries to the adult female", police Chief Brian Manley said at the time. He would not elaborate, though, saying he didn't want to undermine the investigation.

The scene of the Sunday explosion is miles from the three earlier blasts, all of which were on the opposite side of Interstate 35 in East Austin. "I can't believe this is going on here", Schmidt said. "I think everybody can now say, 'Oh, that's like my neighborhood, '" he said.

A tripwire can be made of materials including filament wire, metal or fishing line. "It would have been very hard for someone to see".

O'Toole said it's impossible to build a nuanced profile of the killer without all the evidence, but that bombers share some characteristics. Police are asking residents for any video footage from any home security cameras that might show a possible suspect.

Noel Holmes, whose house is about a mile away, was stunned by how loud Sunday's explosion was.

"We would really like the bomber to contact us so we can talk to him", he said.

Spring break ended Monday for the University of Texas and many area school districts.

Austin, with a population of almost 1 million people, is home to the University of Texas and a plethora of tech companies and has been one of the fastest growing major USA cities. None of the four attacks happened close to the campus near the heart of Austin.

The officers arrived in Austin Monday morning. "I'm not real sure". The use of a trip wire takes the investigation to a new level.

  • Leroy Wright