Cambridge Analytica CEO caught on camera pitching deceptive tactics

After his day-to-day responsibilities were reassigned to others in December, Stamos said he would leave the company. He also confirmed that his role internally has changed.

Britain's Channel 4 has published an undercover sting video in which Cambridge Analytica executives boast of swaying elections in Africa and Europe through tactics including fake bribes and seduction.

The analytics head also said the firm could "send some girls around to the candidate's house", adding that Ukrainian girls work well.

The scrutiny presents a fresh threat to Facebook's reputation, which is already under attack over Russia's alleged use of Facebook tools to sway USA voters with divisive and false news posts before and after the 2016 election.

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien says his office will contact Facebook to find out whether the personal information of Canadians was affected by a major data leak involving the global social media platform.

Cambridge also earned $5.8 million from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at a Republican presidential primary debate at Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, Thursday, March 3, 2016.

A data analytics firm backed by Robert Mercer, a hedge fund billionaire and Trump supporter.

Facebook suspended the company from using its services Friday, hours before the reports came out.

"It's no different than what companies every day are doing to figure out, based on available data points about you, to model out whether you're going to buy a vehicle", Mr. Ruffini said.

How is Facebook responding to the accusations? Then researchers could begin to determine how this data was used to target people. The Times was recently able to view a set of raw data from the profiles Cambridge Analytica obtained.

Cambridge Analytica, which touted its role in helping swing the 2016 election to Pres. Trump, was asked in December to turn over documents to special counsel Robert Mueller, as part of his investigation into collusion between the campaign and Russian Federation during the 2016 election.

Facebook says that's a violation of its terms of service and claims it ordered Cambridge to delete the data in 2015, but the company did not listen.

Ms Denham had demanded access to Cambridge Analytica's servers by 18:00 GMT but said the firm had missed her deadline.

As was common with apps and games at that time, it was created to harvest not only the user data of the person taking part in the quiz, but also the data of their friends.

Cambridge Analytica gathered such information through a psychological testing app, called Thisisyourdigitallife, which offered personality predictions and billed itself on Facebook as "a research app used by psychologists".

Facebook's statement continued, commenting that if the data still exists then it would be a "grave violation" of the company's polices and an "unacceptable violation of trust and the commitments these groups made". "Why Facebook didn't make more inquiries when they started seeing that, you know, tens of millions of records were being pulled this way, I don't know", he said. If you see language that suggests your data could be shared in a way that makes you uncomfortable, don't use the program.

Facebook shares plunged Monday as the social media giant was pounded by criticism at home and overseas over revelations that a firm working for Donald Trump's presidential campaign harvested and misused data on 50 million members. The head of the European Union parliament has promised an investigation.

The breach allowed the company to exploit the private social media activity of a huge swath of the American electorate, developing techniques that underpinned its work on President Trump's campaign in 2016.

Mr Turnbull described how, having obtained damaging material on opponents, Cambridge Analytica can discreetly push it onto social media and the internet.

Apple, Microsoft and Google shares fell sharply - by 1.5, 1.8 and 3.3 per cent respectively.

What data does Facebook hold about you?

According to The New York Times report, 30 million of the 50 million profiles collected had enough information to match users to other records and build profiles of them. As a result, consultants have less need to infer your preferences on a civic issue from your ZIP code or the brand of your vehicle in order to figure out what politics you love and hate.

Some of his ideas may not have even been fully possible at the time, but the "whip-smart" Wylie appears to have continued to pursue them, said the insider.

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