What Sean Miller said after Arizona's NCAA Tournament loss to Buffalo

Per U.S. Department of Education data, Arizona spends $3.1 million per year on men's basketball. We thought we were better than that.

Oats, who took over for Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley, is 64-38 in his head coaching career. What that will mean is impossible to imagine. 'Zona has size, but Kentucky is playing a lot harder and with more pride than the Wildcats of the Pac-12.

The Buffalo Bulls sure know how to earn their first NCAA tournament victory in school history in style.

The Atlantic Coast Conference matched its own record of nine tournament teams when Syracuse squeezed into the field as the final one. Now Sean Miller is all but canned and the entire starting five is gone with no recruits signed.

Since Scott took over as commissioner in 2009, the conference has not won a national title in football or basketball. He was very confident that the Bulls would break the bracket on Thursday night, but he didn't officially think the game was theirs until there were five minutes left and Arizona called a timeout down 77-60.

"When I tell these guys - and again, I've done this in this tournament, I don't know, maybe 20 times, whatever it is, you can't look ahead because a lot of times you look ahead and the team you're anxious about doesn't even advance".

When Hamidou Diallo was asked about the comments, he said, "I feel like we've been getting that statement all year". More money means more resources, whether it's used on facilities, recruiting budgets or better on-campus resources for players. But while there will be plenty of talk about the boisterous Bulls leading into Saturday's game against fifth-seeded Kentucky, when the country woke up Friday morning the focus was on the complete capitulation of the Pac-12 regular season and tournament champions. "But that's part of sports". "It's going to be a hard game". Only those who were in the team's practices would know whether this is true.

There's no such thing as an easy road in the NCAA Tournament, but Kentucky fans have to like what they see in the South Region right now.

Although many were surprised by Buffalo's shocker over Arizona, Kentucky forward Wenyen Gabriel wasn't shocked by the Bulls' impressive victory and cautioned against looking ahead following Kentucky's win over Davidson.

Wes Clark, a 6-foot senior, led Buffalo with 25 points on 10/14 shooting. "It's my previous year, so every single game, I'm going to go out and play hard". Not that there ever was any doubt.

"It's been special", Jackson-Cartwright said. Alkins' professional prospects are dubious at the moment, but his attachment to NCAA basketball always seemed as tenuous as his grip on that one rebound.

That's why the Wildcats are spending this weekend at home, surrounded by significant questions about the future, with a half-empty roster for next season and the federal investigation still looming. Buffalo isn't almost as good defending inside the arc as they are at defending the perimeter so Kentucky should get points in the paint.

All of this leads one to wonder what the school will do next, what Miller will do next.

  • Julie Sanders