Nancy Pelosi fends off criticism that Democrats need new leadership

Lamb cut a conservative Democratic figure and distanced himself from Pelosi.

First of all, at this point it hardly matters whether Democrat Conor Lamb's victory holds up as absentees are counted and a recount is likely held.

He shied away from criticizing Trump during the race, but does not appear to have ever said he is "like" the president. Eight said they hadn't made up their mind, and the rest of the pack declined to comment or didn't respond. Last year, Pelosi's critics within the caucus had granted her a reprieve, promising to delay their next challenge to her leadership until after the midterm elections, with the implicit threat that she would be deposed if Democrats failed to win a majority. But this centrist, anti-Pelosi strategy has now worked for a party other than the Republican one, and there are many Democrats who wonder if that's a victor in their district, too. He might as well have been a "conservative" Republican, Ryan said. "There's probably more to lose than to gain by explicitly pledging to support her".

Regardless of the outcome, Lamb's showing seemed certain to stoke anxiety among Republicans nationwide and renew enthusiasm among Democrats. And he said he thought Pelosi should go! But in November, control of the House will be at stake. "Of course, we also need to be grooming the next generation of leaders who can lead us for decades to come, and I know leader Pelosi will do that". "He's a Marine veteran, ex-prosecutor - and during the campaign, he claimed to be pro-gun", Limbaugh said. Trump won the district 59-35.

"Some Democrats felt, 'Gee, we finally have a Democratic to vote for, '" Green said. "We need to move in a different direction".

It also does raise the question of what Democrats do about Pelosi.

"I don't think that he ran against me the entire time".

Working with campaigns and state parties early in the Pennsylvania race, they employed strategies like hosting phone banks, joint fundraisers, and sending out mailers. When the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee urged voters in Texas' 7th Congressional District - a target seat with many upscale voters - not to vote for leftist Laura Moser, they responded by voting for her. Moser ran better on election day than in early voting and has a good chance to be nominated in the May 22 runoff. "Now more than ever, candidates and campaigns matter".

Douglas Heye

If the people were aghast at the prospect of the reviled Nancy Pelosi being speaker of the House, they may get really angry about whoever wins the Democrat presidential nomination. The latter are "looking backwards", she said. "Leader Pelosi believes these candidates should focus on their individual races ..." The special election resulted because of Representative Tim Murphy's resignation in disgrace, being found to be a hypocrite: He said he was strongly pro-life but asked the woman he had committed adultery with to abort their child.

Trump and the White House attempted to take credit both for Lamb's victory and Saccone's close loss.

Lamb claimed victory in a speech to his supporters Tuesday night.

CNN rates 69 GOP-held seats as competitive as compared to just 15 for Democrats.

"Californians have known Nancy Pelosi for decades", Merrill said.

But when someone wins an election by such a small margin, every issue matters. But money wasn't an issue for the Republican candidate, who saw more than $7 million spent in his name from a variety of outside groups. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, ended up getting the job. Democrats should show that they can be a governing party mature enough to look for common ground with those who share an interest in orderly, compassionate government. "That's been my mantra, the poor children in America that I'm here to support".

Winning the White House thrust Trump into the center of a new sort of game, where his customers (the American people, this time) could see what he was doing, and true success would require that he do some repeat business to get re-elected in 2020.

  • Leroy Wright