Liz Cheney: Rand Paul Is 'Sympathizing With Terrorists' By Opposing Haspel

His lawyers said he lost his left eye, though exactly how is likely in the classified portion of a Senate Intelligence Committee report.

As for the contentions about Rodriguez, not Haspel, being chiefly responsible for destroying the tapes, Engelberg said, "I don't know, honestly, if we're ever going to get to the bottom of that one". "I don't like to prognosticate".

A simple Senate majority is needed to confirm either Pompeo or Haspel, but Republicans only have 51 seats at the moment.

On the campaign trail, Trump expressed his openness to reviving torture, saying that he would "bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding".

In a brief statement, the former undercover officer said she was "humbled" by Trump's confidence in her to lead the agency.

All this changed with the arrival of Donald Trump and his eternal flirtation with violence and the radicalization of American positions when it comes to National Security, now giving a second opportunity "to shine" to the agent Haspel, who must face the questions of the Senators in the Capitol to be able to be assigned in the position. "To read of her glee during the waterboarding is just absolutely appalling".

The Senate torture report documented very, very clearly using primary source CIA documents that the only actionable intelligence that was gleaned was collected by Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Ali Soufan, who used a tried and true Federal Bureau of Investigation method of engaging in a conversation with the prisoner, of establishing a rapport, establishing a relationship and then allowing the prisoner to open up over a period of time. The CIA won't say when in 2002 Haspel was there, but at various times that year interrogators at the site sought to make terror suspects talk by slamming them against walls, keeping them from sleeping, holding them in coffin-sized boxes and forcing water down their throats - a technique called waterboarding. Waterboarding, constricted confinement in a box for long periods of time, humiliation, forced feeding through the rectum and numerous other painful procedures were used. 'Most of the people being appointed are still in favor of Iraq War, ' Paul said. "These are the insane neo conservatives".

"The president is incredibly proud of his nominee", said Sanders.

However, "If he were to say no, it might be enough" to kill the nomination. But several senators pointed to Haspel's history as a reason to be concerned about her nomination, including Sen.

Haspel may have to overcome some challenges with key USA allies. @RandPaul is defending and sympathizing with terrorists.

For those concerned about Pompeo's aggressive and hawkish positions, however, it's not at all clear the results will be anywhere near very well. "By tapping Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State", said Rainwater, "Trump is handing over the reigns of U.S. diplomacy to one of the most hawkish members of his administration". "I don't think the country is at the stage now where it can afford to go for months without stability there".

Democrats also highlighted their issues with Pompeo on Wednesday.

If confirmed at a Senate hearing, Haspel will become the first woman to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

Whether he'll continue to do so at the State Department remains to be seen. "I think we all deserve an answer to that". "You bet your ass I would, in a heartbeat", Trump boasted from the podium at an OH campaign stop in November 2015. A number of legislators have raised concerns about Haspel. Sen. There was much more, says the analyst who worked at the Pentagon: "I first saw the reports soon after Abu Zubaydah's capture".

All these alleged acts were troubling and borderline-illegal and contributed to the closure of the black sites by President Obama in 2009 and the establishment of new restrictions on torture by Congress in 2015.

  • Leroy Wright