United Airlines mistakenly flies dog to Japan instead of Kansas City

It comes as a heartbroken family's dog died on-board a United plane earlier this week.

When they arrived at Kansas City Airport, the family went to the cargo facility to pick up their 10-year-old German Shepard, Irgo.

Irgo was put on a private charter flight and sent directly to Wichita.

An investigation has been launched after a mix-up resulted in a family dog being sent on a flight to Japan by mistake.

Panic ensued. Because Irgo was only supposed to be on a domestic flight, Swindle had not sent food or water. You just need to get it done, ' " Swindle said. "Not exactly sure how, they aren't sure how either", she said. "I didn't even know what to think". "I can't imagine what he's thinking".

United Airlines has started an investigation after workers accidentally flew a Kansas City-bound dog to Japan, the airline confirms.

Kara Swindle urged United to adopt better policies for keeping track of animals.

Kara Swindle had travelled to Kansas City with American Airlines thinking her dog was accompanying her there in the cargo hold, KCTV reports.

"I just want to know where my dog is", Swindle told KCTV. Somehow, Irgo never made it on the connecting flight.

A MATTER of days after a dog died in an overhead carrier on a United flight, the troubled airline has failed another family pet with a shocking mistake.

A spokesperson for the airline issued this statement to KCTV5 News.

At first United insisted that the air stewardess had not been told there was a dog inside the bag. The airline said the kennels were similar.

Kokito barked for two hours then went quiet, according to his owner.

It has been an utter disgraceful week for the airline after the death of the French Bulldog puppy who had been placed in overhead storage for a three hour flight.

His death is being investigated by the animal cruelty division of the Harris County District Attorney.

United has apologised for the death and said it was the result of a misunderstanding between the flight attendant and passenger about whether there was an animal in the carrying case.

  • Salvatore Jensen