PA, Medical Marijuana, and Lamb's Victory: Nov. Looks Grim for GOP

In a split from Democrats, Lamb and Moulton have urged House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down from her post. Having purchased what Trump was selling once, Americans have been carefully assessing what their votes bought.

There are also an unknown number of provisional ballots that aren't tallied.

Despite the tight race, Pennsylvania law does not automatically trigger a recount.

With county officials counting provisional and absentee ballots that will likely determine the outcome, Mr Lamb declared victory in the wee hours of Wednesday, in a district Mr Trump won by almost 20 points in the 2016 presidential contest.

In the final moments of the count, it was statistically projected that Conor Lamb (D) would reign victorious.

Representative Cheri Bustos, a Democrat from a largely agricultural and blue collar district in IL, said Lamb was a strong candidate because he mirrored his district.

"We're not giving up", Saccone added.

"This campaign and this fight is NOT over, and we're going to fight this until every vote is securely in and counted", the email said. Saccone on Wednesday afternoon sent a fundraising email to supporters saying the "campaign is far from over".

aNewDomain - Democrats are already counting their electoral chickens for the midterms - but their unwillingness to lay out a clear agenda may be about to hand the party its second devastating defeat in two years.

Someone needs to tell the Republican Party opposition research team about that. Lamb promoted several other progressive causes that appeal to Pennsylvania voters, such as health care and stronger unions. With a gap that small, though, a recount request is reasonable, even if it probably won't make much difference.

Libertarian candidate Drew Miller received 1,372 votes, less than 1 percent, according to state election data.

House Republicans called the race unique, noting that Lamb, 33, a Marine Corps veteran, had distanced himself from his party's leaders and staked out positions to the right of many Democrats.

Conservative candidates in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia (all states Donald Trump won by double digits) should be demanding that their Democrat opponents denounce Hillary Clinton's continuing attack on religious liberty, our families and our country. This past Saturday night's rally will also likely be highlighted as the event that put a laboring Saccone over the top. His younger brother, Coleman Lamb, is helping out as well, on loan from his day job as press secretary for a NY congresswoman. That's true, but to say this represented a 20-point swing for Democrats suggests more than is really there.

As Democrats look for ways to retake the House and Senate from Republicans this fall, many have wondered whether embracing marijuana could help.

Murphy had been elected to eight consecutive terms beginning in 2002, running unopposed in the past two cycles.

In a Monmouth University poll taken days before the election, the results provided a partial view into the race outcome.

Since they won't lose any swing voters by doing so, but they would generate enthusiasm among their now weak progressive left flank, Democrats had might as well own impeachment too.

"He said very nice things about me", Trump said. For its part, the mainstream media continues to prop up the improbable narrative that Donald Trump is a Russian agent of influence who is out to corrupt our democracy in Vladimir Putin's name.

"Trump's visit may have countered the extra Dem surge we postulated was possible", Murray wrote, "but the outcome was pretty close to what we showed using a standard turnout model". Lamb's hometown will be shifted into a new district, an area where Trump would have won by just 3 percentage points.

From 2014 to 2017, Conor Lamb served as an assistant USA attorney in Pittsburgh, where he led prosecutions against drug dealers and violent criminals. And even in the special elections Democrats have lost, they are outperforming the Democrats who lost in 2016. Workers are re-entering and seeking jobs.

Republicans have mastered the art of spinning overwhelmingly bad special election results by focusing on wins vs. underperformance in House races (treating as nonexistent a House race in California that the Democrats won), ignoring losses at the state level and treating Roy Moore (justifiably) as an outlier.

  • Leroy Wright