NRA's solution to gun violence unrealistic after recent school shootings

We have the tools to fully address gun violence.

The NRA tweeted out the same AR-15 style rifle with which 17 students were killed in Florida, to counter calls for gun control.

"In the past, when there's been forces looking for additional gun law restrictions and removal of what the NRA would consider fundamental rights, the NRA has redoubled it's effort and increased in membership so what I'm thinking is they're just going to get more of a fight". "I think there's a lot that can be gained from that". "The NRA's agenda is guns for anyone, everywhere, and anytime, no questions asked".

It was also a big moment for the NRA, founded in 1871 by two Civil War veterans. He said the law "falls short of the public demands set by the majority of Floridians and the student survivors" of the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas school.

As it was in 1934, the debate over gun control is essentially the same - whether civilians should have access to certain kinds of firearms. The administration's plan does nothing to expand background checks, says nothing about the gun lobby's risky proposal to arm anyone, anywhere, anytime with concealed weapons, offers nothing in terms of funding for gun violence research, and only makes a modest suggestion for states to adopt extreme risk protection orders to get guns out of the hands of those who pose a danger to themselves or others. Why they are right! AR-15s are illegal, along with all guns (except for controlled ownership of guns used for hunting or target shooting). "Full automatic, fired from the hip, 1,500 shots per minute".

Dana Loesch's responses were sugarcoated but lacked anything concrete; mostly she was booed by the audiences who were frustrated with the government's position on guns. There were also provisions for taking fingerprints and tracking future gun transfers. Today eighteen states allow adults to carry guns with some form of school approval.

We also spoke to a local NRA member, who is also a member of South Carolina Carry, a non- profit pro gun rights group in the state.

We need to repeal and replace the Second Amendment. The influence they hold between their wallets and their popularity is career changing, and one of the causes for such slow change to our gun laws. "It is not unsafe in the hands of the honest citizen". Trump ignored their outstretched hand on universal background checks and started talking more about arming teachers. The Republican candidate in this race, Dino Rossi, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from the NRA.

Late Sunday, the White House unveiled a handful of proposals ostensibly aimed at reducing gun violence and preventing school shootings, ideas that ranged from providing "rigorous" firearm training to some teachers (a proposal many teachers have denounced) to encouraging "military veterans and retired law enforcement officers to take up careers in education". Numerous attempts to renew it have failed. Donald Trump's plan to train and arm teachers in an attempt to prevent school shootings, is just plain nuts and incredibly risky for students. Yet this time something was different. While the Parkland students make "some very sympathetic messengers", he doesn't foresee anything changing.

White House aides said Monday the president was focusing on achievable options, after facing significant opposition from lawmakers on a more comprehensive approach.

Republicans like Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, are criticizing Democrat pushback, positing the outrage over the bill is simply Democrats playing politics, stating, "I think it's really sad and it's really cynical because [Democrats] are preying on the fears of some Wisconsinites and using it for their own political purposes". "There's where our problem is".

  • Arturo Norris