Kim Jong-un Seeking 'Peace Treaty' with Donald Trump

He said he hoped to convey Moon's message that cooperation between the two countries is crucial to push forward a move toward peace on the Korean Peninsula.

He said preparations are underway for the meeting, which he personally thought should not take place in Washington or Pyongyang. "So you could say, China is the most important party involved". While China has long advocated dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang, now that it is happening, it seems to have been transformed into a bystander. Beijing worries, however, that it will be marginalized from the diplomatic process that may soon get underway, making it hard to ensure that Chinese national interests are protected. But it will definitely not be an enforceable agreement to dismantle North Korea's new nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles.

A South Korean delegation that visited North Korea last week said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed a wish to meet Trump and South Korea's president to discuss denuclearization.

Faso said the trip important is relevant to a wide range of issues. Thus, if Trump is to convince Kim to relinquish his nuclear arsenal, he's going to have to find a way to reestablish America's diplomatic credibility.

Although there has been much ado over Trump's abrupt willingness to meet Kim, possibly as early as May, the reality is that he never really had much choice. But it is still sticking to its principles of preferring a negotiated resolution to economic sanctions or military action.

"This is a prestige bid by Kim - Kim is inviting Trump to demonstrate that Kim's investment in nuclear weapons and missile capability has brought the a position of treating Kim Jong Un as an equal", she said in an email. Long before Mr Trump began trading schoolboy insults with Mr Kim, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama relentlessly demonised the North as a rogue state run by a dynasty of brutal tyrants determined to destroy Western civilisation. "We've not heard anything directly back from North Korea, although we expect to hear something directly from them". After all, it had sent envoys to Pyongyang to explain its stance and to persuade the North to negotiate.

Beijing also worries that Kim's weapons could trigger an arms race in the region, leading its historical rival Japan and perhaps even South Korea to seek nuclear weapons.

When a united North and South Korean Olympic team marched together during the opening ceremonies, attracting a standing ovation from Moon and Kim Yo-jong in the VIP section, a doleful-looking Pence remained conspicuously seated alongside his wife.

A nuclear war between the U.S. and North Korea would probably kill 10 times as many North Koreans including practically every member of the regime - Pyongyang would be a glowing, radioactive pit - so Mr Kim's regime would never initiate such a conflict. "I believe they will honor that commitment!"

This is something to which the Trump administration must give deep thought. Will it need to withdraw American forces from South Korea? The talks - if they go ahead - would be unprecedented.

Hall, former executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger, said North Korea has few resources and about 80 percent of its population lives in hunger.

"We've played this game for decades", Maginnis complains.

"We may be able to pursue a diplomatic solution to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

Tillerson emphasized that the United States would work with its allies, Japan and South Korea, as well as with China and Russian Federation to realize the summit.

  • Leroy Wright