Fitbit's Newest Fitness Tracker Is Just For Kids

After missing out on the most popular music services, including Apple Music and Spotify, by only offering a Pandora (p) app on its watch previous year, Fitbit is adding only one new music app from Deezer, a service mainly popular in Europe, for now. The Versa is extremely slim and, according to Fitbit, it's the company's lightest metal smartwatch in the US market.

Battery life has always been one of Fitbit's strong points; it was one of the better features of the Fitbit Ionic. The rounded corners make it visually similar to an Apple Watch.

But in the long run, I think Fitbit's female-focused software features will be more meaningful than the Versa's Apple-inspired design.

The Versa has numerous same core functions as Fitbit's first full-featured smartwatch, the Ionic: fitness tracking, wrist-based heart-rate detection, guided on-screen workouts, and an automatic recognition system that knows when you've begun exercising without the need to press Start. This is probably going to be turn off for serious athletes, but Fitbit is branding this for the masses.

Fitbit has unveiled the Versa smartwatch, a more affordable companion to the $299 Fitbit Ionic launched in 2017.

The company also spoke a little more about the Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition. If you opt for the Versa, you'll get a watch with a more squared-off look, akin to something more like the Apple Watch, or heck, even the Pebble Time.

Fitbit will also be introducing a Family Faceoff feature that lets kids compete in a five-day step challenge against the other members of their family account. If you want to pay for things with your smartwatch, you'll need to opt for the Fitbit Versa Special Edition, which has an NFC chip inside.

The Versa will come in three options for $199.95: a black case with a black strap, a silver aluminum case with a gray strap, and a rose gold case with a peach strap.

Fitbit didn't say too much about the first limitation.

Instead of developing a brand-new form factor for kids, Fitbit says it adapted from the Alta because they want to target children who are becoming old enough to start paying attention to their fitness.

But if you like the svelte and versatile design and you're just looking for something that will reliably track your steps and activity, then you might not need those extra features anyway. The app also will reward children with in-app badges for achieving their health goals.

There will be number of different clock faces to customise your Ace as well as smartphone notifications.

This kid-friendly fitness tracker is designed as a great way for parents to monitor their kid's activity.

"As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, it's more important than ever to empower the entire family to embrace a healthy and more active lifestyle", said James Park, chief executive and co-founder of Fitbit.

The Ace is available for pre-order now at $99.95 and is expected to ship before July. The tracker will be available in two colours - "electric blue" and "power purple" - and will retail for $129.95 in Canada.

  • Arturo Norris