Trump stumps for Republican Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania

Trump said he recently asked the president of Singapore if that country has a drug problem.

Donald Trump has floated the possibility of introducing the death penalty for drug dealers in the United States, in his latest controversial speech.

He said both countries had eliminated the problem by imposing the death penalty on dealers, though he noted that he wasn't certain about American public opinion on the policy.

Trump, whose campaign slogan in 2016 was "Make America Great Again", indicated he would make a similar argument for his own re-election bid in 2020, and he previewed that campaign slogan: "Keep America Great (exclamation point)".

"President Trump is just trying to restore some balance to the playing field", Saccone said. That's because he'll already have spent years in office.

The president mentioned a 1999 appearance on "Meet the Press" where he can be seen talking about North Korea and his stance on the situation, which has remained the same since: "You got to take them out now!"

Trump also said he hopes he will run against Oprah Winfrey, saying the campaign "would be a painful experience for her". But by the next day, the coverage had turned. "Hopefully, Rick Saccone will be another big win on Tuesday". "And they don't even put you in jail", Trump said.

While aides pondered details of the meeting - and say it may not happen unless Kim takes affirmative steps - Trump expressed confidence in tweets as well as at the Pennsylvania rally.

TRUMP: That's much easier than doing what I have to do because - but this is much more effective.

On Thursday, Trump signed two tariff proclamations to erect a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff aluminum imports. It is not racist to say that this country can not take only the worst people from the worst places and that we want some of the best people from the best places, many of which are inhabited by people of color.

Voters will head to the polls this Tuesday in a Western Pennsylvania House district President Trump carried by almost 20 points.

The rally in Moon Township had originally been scheduled for mid-February but was postponed after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla. But he said tariffs "are my baby" and that Democrats oppose them. The crowd roared its approval and began chanting "CNN sucks!"

The Republicans won Pennsylvania in the presidential election.

McDaniel credits Trump for "record unemployment" and bringing "3 million jobs back to America".

Trump was ostensibly at the rally to inject some last-minute political capital behind Republican Rick Saccone, whose race against Democrat Conor Lamb could be a harbinger of the Republican Party's fate in the midterms.

The National Republican Congressional Committee also launched a television ad hitting Lamb for striking a plea deal with a drug dealer when he was a US attorney.

But Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, also appearing on Todd's show, brushed off Trump's vulgar language, including his description of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, the ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, as a "low IQ" person. "If a strong pro-Trump district like this goes the other way, it would send a bad signal around the country in districts far more competitive than this one".

  • Joanne Flowers