Canada: Doug Ford elected new Ontario PC leader, sources say

February 5: Toronto lawyer Caroline Mulroney, daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, ends days of speculation by announcing her candidacy for party leader. But voting irregularities, disputes over the process, a legal challenge and total confusion seemed to throw the convention into chaos. He said Ford had outworked the other candidates to attract the needed votes.

Elliott previously said she won the popular vote and the majority of ridings, and said thousands of party members were assigned to incorrect ridings during the voting process.

"The pace of this Ontario PC leadership race has been rapid and there have been a number of unexpected turns along the way", Elliott said in a statement released at around 8 p.m.

That was evident even in how he campaigned for the PC leadership, particularly in the latter stages as his campaign suggested that party higher-ups were conspiring to keep someone like him from the leadership.

Ford made little mention of the review or the delays in his victory speech, focusing instead on the June election in which he will now face Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne.

"Obviously, I would have preferred Christine (Elliott)". But no one was there when all the wrangling was over.

However, when it comes to defeating Kathleen Wynne, Conservatives feel Elliott is the better candidate for the job with 43.4 per cent saying Elliott, compared to 35.5 per cent who believe Ford could do it.

"The issue was extensively investigated by the chief electoral officer and the election team", said leadership campaign chairman Hartley Lefton in a hastily organized news conference Saturday night. Originally, voting was supposed to close on that day.

Can anybody trust these machines anymore?

"That is why I entered this race", Elliott said. Maybe, it's time to do things the old-fashioned way - count the ballots by hand.

"We're going to spend the coming weeks getting the party in fighting shape, because the people of this province are ready for change". And it appears that announcement would have came with a different leader.

Fedeli then took the stage, eager to tell about record-breaking fundraising numbers, and information about followers, saying they now have 21 times more volunteers signed up to participate in the general election campaign than they did in January.

As relatively mild as he was when speaking publicly about his opponents during this leadership campaign, his past form suggests he will try to channel voters' dislike of Ms. Wynne in a much harsher tone than the other leadership candidates would have.

February 11: Brown publishes the first of several Facebook posts in which he vows to clear his name and questions the credibility of the women who brought allegations against him.

The survey found that in terms of votes among decided voters, Elliott is in the lead with 38.3 per cent, while Ford has 32.2 per cent support.

However, Elliott's statement Sunday night included a reiteration of her dedication to the party.

The Toronto Sun examined just that question back on March 3.

"I'm anxious about Kathleen Wynne, not Christine Elliott", he told CP24 while marching in the parade and waving to the crowd.

Several accounts all started in the last month have been using the hashtag #crookedchristine to attack Christine Elliott, accusing her of corruption and tweeting supportively of her rival Doug Ford.

For most of the afternoon confusion reigned at the Tory leadership event.

  • Leroy Wright