'Unprecedented Democrat turnout' - Texas Republicans mock talk of blue wave

The primaries - the first in the nation ahead of November's general election - set up a number of fascinating races.

Being potentially out-hustled by a high-energy candidate who is now campaigning a bit like Cruz once did may not be enough to flip a Senate seat in deep red Texas, though.

He came out swinging, eager to paint O'Rourke as out of touch with Texas voters and tie him to "left-wing liberals" in his party, including Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi.

Cruz said he's also not anxious about poll numbers that put him at around a 40 percent approval rating, which he blamed on polls that oversample Democrats. The seat wouldn't be easy for any Democrat to grab.

The tensions will get their next test in Texas with primaries Tuesday.

Although the outcome of any election cycle can be determined by factors not apparent in previous elections - Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential election is a case in point - recent voting behavior can also identify tendencies that tea leaf readers consider predictive.

As for the reported contempt among Texas Democrats for President Trump, Adams says she has witnessed it - but doesn't see it as beneficial for them in the long run.

Throughout the session, O'Rourke described his approach to campaign finance, which does not include paying dues to the DCCC or participating in call time, as "what Texas is doing", without much clarification of what larger statewide trend he saw happening here. "You had the greatest Republican turnout ever".

"Texas might be feeling the Beto-mentum, because so far this year, O'Rourke out-raised Ted Cruz by $1.5 million-and that has gotten Ted Cruz serious about this race", Colbert continued.

To be sure, Texas Democrats could be looking at one of their most successful midterm elections in decades. Here are county-by-county comparisons of turnout in a few key races.

"They want us to take on these really urgent priorities", he said, "not just this smallness and pettiness that dominates the national conversation today".

There was no change that year in the party affiliation of members of the Texas congressional delegation. While it was the highest it had been since 2002 with more than 1 million votes cast, more than 1.5 million voted in the GOP primary.

"There are a lot of things that will be in play in the fall that will help O'Rourke, but I do think just a little bit of a damper has been put on some of the enthusiasm that has been building for him nationally", Wilson says. Richards won that race handily, with 78 percent of the vote.

"You gotta be tough as Texas and honest about your plans, if you're gonna run in Texas you cant be a liberal man", it continues.

  • Leroy Wright