NRA files lawsuit over Florida gun control law

A controversial part of the new law is known as the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, which arms some teachers if both the local school district and local sheriff's department agree.

- The measure provides $400 million for mental health and school safety programs.

The bill narrowly passed the House and Senate, which formally delivered the reform package on Thursday. The NRA's Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer, a former national president of the gun-rights group, branded those who voted for the proposal as "turncoat Republicans" who "caved to bullying and coercion".

RICK SCOTT: I know that many wanted more gun control than what is included in this bill.

The Broward Sheriff's office released a sampling of the 81 911 calls placed during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018. The dispatcher repeatedly asked the caller to repeat himself.

She stressed that this is not a protest against schools but it is a way to encourage school administrators to help students "amplify their voices".

Better to disarm the few who are risky with stricter gun laws than leave that massacre-potential simmering away for the sake of those who'd like to keep their guns.

Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican and the House budget chairman, said that "holding up the passage of vital addiction services legislation while demanding one company receive over $5 million of taxpayer money every year puts profits before people".

Archivists have faced similar tasks after other tragic events across the nation such as the shooting in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

"Gwinnett County Public Schools supports our students' desire to express their views and their hopes for change, but they must do so within the guidelines that promote a safe, orderly learning environment", the statement said. "Life is all about choices and every choice has a outcome whether it be positive or negative", said Superintendent Curtis Rhodes of Texas' Needville Independent School District.

Some survivors of the shooting have taken to speaking out about their experience and are using their new platform to call for a revaluation of gun control laws. But make no mistake, I'm a father and I'm on a mission.

"It's important for me to speak my mind on this topic", she said.

"I just had a great conversation with some of the students at Stoneman Douglas High School about some important/impactful things that they have planned", he wrote.

The attorney for the family that took in Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz after his mother died says Cruz exchanged text messages with their son moments before opening fire.

The bill signed Friday falls short of what Scott and the shooting's survivors wanted.

Moskowitz broke down describing how his 4-year-old son's pre-school teacher was giving him writing lessons when her daughter, Jamie Guttenberg, was shot dead at the high school. I've often wondered why many (not all) gun advocates abide no checks at all on their rights, why so many conscientious owners and hunters do not tolerate any limitations on lethal weaponry.

USA citizens must come to terms with the fact that their Second Amendment right to bear arms is literally backfiring.

One provision of the law raises the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21 from 18.

  • Leroy Wright