WH walks back Trump support for universal gun background checks

"We all want safe schools, mental health reform and to keep guns away from risky people", Mr Cox tweeted.

The tweet by the NRA's Cox suggests his meeting with Trump and Pence included the gun lobby's strong opposition to confiscating guns without a court order and due process.

A day after meetings with lawmakers, Trump planned to host another conversation on gun violence Thursday with people affected by mass shootings.

President Donald Trump said Thursday he had a "Great" meeting with the NRA.

During the meeting Wednesday, the president and lawmakers hashed out ideas for gun control legislation in response to the shooting attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School near Miami last month.

On Feb. 28, President Donald Trump calls for a "beautiful" gun control bill.

A bipartisan Senate bill that was proposed and failed twice after the Sandy Hook shootings would have expanded background checks to online sales and gun shows. He also tweeted, "Respect 2nd Amendment!"

"The reason I had lunch with the NRA on Sunday is I told them, 'fellas, you gotta do something, '" Trump said.

A similarly freewheeling public debate on immigration in January raised hopes that Mr Trump could forge a deal by showing sympathy to Democratic views and persuading Republicans to make concessions.

By Thursday night, several expressed resignation to the late-night statements by the president and Mr Cox.

The number of USA citizens who want more gun control is growing, an NPR/Ipsos poll issued on Friday said.

Though Koehler says Trump is just "reacting in the moment", he does believe that some good can come out of the situation.

Sanders said Trump had not signed on to a more sweeping background check bill that would require the review of firearm purchases online and at gun shows.

"They have great power over you people".

Press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters on Friday morning that Trump told top NRA official Chris Cox "that he'll continue to support the second amendment, that's not something that he's backed away from".

"Not every member on the side will support that ban by the vast majority will", Schumer said. "By far", Trump said of the Toomey-Manchin bill, which drew 54 votes in 2013 and six fewer when it got another shot on the Senate floor in 2015.

Gun rights and civil libertarian activists cried foul at the president's comments saying that searching someone's home and seizing property without due process was obviously unconstitutional.

Nicole Hockley, who lost a child at Sandy Hook, has attended two White House meetings with Trump and said she remained optimistic.

He said "Background Checks a big part of conversation" and "Gun free zones are proven targets of killers". Trump, he said, is not the one who is going to come up with a plan.

  • Salvatore Jensen